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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Just For Love (1970 us, 4th album, classic west coast psych, 2012 audiphile remaster)

This is one of the few best produced albums in the history of Rock music, and way more. When I first heard this on vinyl back in the early 70s, I was mesmerized by the amazing quality of the materials, their performance, and the recording. I've liked the first two albums of the Quicksilver Messenger Service, but this album really cemented my love for their music. Someone mentioned in his/her review that you had to listen to them perform live to really know their music, but for me who lived in the other part of the world, this album really did it.

While Dino Valenti's materials are quite different from what the band has been playing prior to this album, the way many of his tunes are arranged and the overall tone and the feel of the entire album, are so sublime. Every member of the band sounds very well-integrated to the music as well.

Particularly the way the lead guitarist Gary Duncan plays on this album is out of this world; way above and beyond the realm of the typical Rock guitar playing. From the powerful thrilling boogie glides on "Freeway Flyer" to the intoxicatingly beautiful and sensual melodic whispers and caresses on "Gone Again," his guitar consistently and spontaneously delivers what seems to be just the right sound for the moment and the context, but never a dull moment. Because of his masterful use of the instruments and sound effects, the sounds coming out of his guitars always provide the most interesting dynamics, rich tones, and colorful textures to the music. His fantastic solo on "Fresh Air" sends anyone to that far-out heaven each time he hits that first note. Duncan's extremely evolved, uniquely compositional, and unparalleled melody sense contributes so much to the excellence of this album as does to the music of the band in its entirety.

If I had to pick only one Rock CD to listen to the rest of my life, this would be the one. 
by Mic Murdoch

1. Wolf Run, Pt. 1 (Jesse Oris Farrow) - 1:12
2. Just for Love, Pt. 1 (Farrow) - 3:00
3. Cobra (John Cipollina) - 4:23
4. The Hat (Farrow) - 10:36
5. Freeway Flyer (Farrow) - 3:49
6. Gone Again (Farrow) - 7:17
7. Fresh Air (Farrow) - 5:21
8. Just for Love, Pt. 2 (Farrow) - 1:38
9. Wolf Run, Pt. 2 (Farrow) - 2:10

Quicksilver Messenger Service
*Dino Valenti - Vocals, Guitar, Flute, Congas
*David Freiberg - vocals, Viola, Bass Guitar
*John Cipollina - Guitar
*Gary Duncan - Guitars, Electric Bass, Percussion
*Nicky Hopkins - Piano, Harpsichord, Organ
*Greg Elmore - Drums, Percussion

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  1. Hi Marcos,

    unfortunately the link is dead. Any chance to fix it?
    Anyhow, your work is incredible. Thank you so much. It opens up a new dimension in my experience of music.
    All the best


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  3. Thanks a lot. Omnia vincit amor!

  4. Hi Marios. All the down links of this page are looking to the "Happy Trails" album of the same band. Are you willing to fix it?

  5. Anonymous, "QMS - Just For Love", fixed!!

  6. Hey Marios, Very fast indeed!!! Thanks a lot.

  7. Hi PoodleBites, the pics were from my older post, the Japanese release of the same album, I've replace them now, Thank you!

    1. Thanks to you! Your blog is a wonderful resource. :) And thanks for the Quicksilver!