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Monday, March 6, 2017

Steeplechase - Lady Bright (1970 us, excellent heavy groovy psych, 2006 reissue)

Us groovy heavy psych band, probably hailing from New York City, their music balances between Steppenwolf, Iron Butterfly and Rascals. Drummer Joe Forgione and organ player Tony Radicello were  members of the  Philadelphia-based R 'n' B group the Soul Survivors.

Singer and guitarist Dean Parrish was the most  succesful as a solo artist, best known for the song, "I'm on My Way", which became famous, he also worked as a session musician with Jimi Hendrix and Santana in 1970, and played guitar with Bob Marley in 1972.

1. Wrought Iron Man (Tony Radicello, Dean Parrish, Eddie Kramer, Bob Spinella) - 4:18
2. Shorty Stokes (Tony Radicello, Dean Parrish) - 3:49
3. Down On The Town (Tony Radicello, Dean Parrish) - 3:25
4. Talking Bout You (Tony Radicello, Dean Parrish) - 3:04
5. Lady Bright (Bob Spinella, Tony Radicello, Dean Parrish) - 4:12
6. In The Valley (Bob Spinella, Tony Radicello, Dean Parrish) - 2:37
7. Mary Clarke (Tony Radicello, Dean Parrish) - 4:20
8. Sea Shore (Tony Radicello, Bob Spinella, Dean Parrish) - 4:29
9. Never Coming Back (Tony Radicello, Dean Parrish) - 3:23
10.Cherry Blossom (Tony Radicello, Dean Parrish, Eddie Kramer) - 2:54

The Steeplechase
*Bob "Bobby" Spinella - Organ, Piano, Harpsichord, Electric Piano, Backing Vocals,
*Dean Parrish - Guitar, Vocals,
*Joey "Joe" Forgione - Percussion, Drums, Backing Vocals,
*Tony Radicello "Tony Alexander" - Organ, Bass, Vocals, Backing Vocals, 12-String Guitar
*Eddie Kramer - Piano, Vocals
*Kim King - Guitar
*Paul Fleischer - Horns

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