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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Frankie Miller - Once In A Blue Moon (1972 uk, superb groovy classic rock, 2013 japan remaster)

Frankie Miller made his name on the English pub rock circuit of the early '70s, and spent around a decade and a half cutting albums of traditional R'n'B, rock 'n' roll, and country-rock. In addition to his recorded legacy as an avatar of American roots music, his original material was covered by artists from the worlds of rock, blues, and country, from Bob Seger and Bonnie Tyler to Lou Ann Barton and the Bellamy Brothers. And Miller himself scored a surprise U.K. Top Ten smash in 1978 with "Darlin'," giving his likable, soulful style the popular airing many fans felt it deserved all along. 

Frankie Miller was born November 2, 1949, in Glasgow, Scotland; he began singing with local bands beginning in 1967, in a style influenced by American soul singers like Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, and Otis Redding. After a few years, he moved to the more fertile music scene in London, where he soon met ex-Procol Harum guitarist Robin Trower in the summer of 1971. Impressed with Miller's talents as a raw soul belter in the vein of a Rod Stewart or Joe Cocker, Trower offered him a job as lead vocalist of his new band Jude. It wasn't to be Miller's big break, though; internal conflicts split the group apart by the following year, and Miller returned to the London pub rock circuit.

During 1972, he made frequent appearances at the Tally Ho in Kentish Town, often sitting in with Brinsley Schwarz, and signed a solo record deal with Chrysalis. Using the Brinsleys as a backing band, Miller recorded his debut album, "Once in a Blue Moon". That alone is reason enough to own this record. Add to that a nice batch of songs (mostly originals) and you have an enjoyable album. 
by Steve Huey

1. You Dont Need To Laugh (To Be Happy) - 3:32
2. I Can't Change It - 3:11
3. Candlelight Sonata In F Major - 2:35
4. Ann Eliza Jane - 3:05
5. It's All Over - 2:39
6. In No Resistance - 3:02
7. After All (I Live My Life) (J.Doris, Frankie Miller) - 3:43
8. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Bob Dylan) - 4:04
9. Mail Box - 3:15
10.I'm Ready (Willie Dixon) - 3:10
All compositions by Frankie Miller except where stated

*Frankie Miller - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica
*Bob Andrews - Grand Piano, Junk Piano, Accordion, Backing Vocals
*Brinsley Schwarz - Lead, Acoustic Guitars
*Ian Gomm - Lead, Acoustic Guitars
*Nick Lowe - Electric Bass, Double Bass, Backing Vocals
*Billy Rankin - Drums
*Bridgit, Joy,  Janice - Backing Vocals

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mscmichael said...

That's an excellent album. Thanks very much...

El Greco said...

Wow...a "lost" CLASSIC if ever there was!! An incredibly emotive voice with superb songs.

Big ups to Marios for "listening"...thanks you patrioti!!

Anonymous said...


kobilica said...

Frankie Miller stays one of my favorite from that days long ago,when I heard his voice and music...

Brain Police said...

Thank you for this one, Marios! Still have these on vinyl.

Anonymous said...

This is a FANTASTIC record. He reminds me of Joe Cocker or Rod Stewart, and the songs are well done. Thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great album! Thank you very much.

jasn54 said...

Still up! Thanks!