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Monday, September 16, 2013

Golden Earring - Together (1972 dutch, 8th album, excellent classic hard rock)

Together represents an important step forward for Golden Earring. Unlike the group's previous outings, the songs on this album don't fall into strict rock or progressive categories. Instead, the group blurs these strict lines and weaves elements of each genre into a distinctive style that gives the songs their unique flavor. 

For instance, "Brother Wind" has the complex arrangement and length of a prog rock epic, but it moves forward with the energy and powerful riffing of a hard rock song. The group also makes a concerted effort to give each song a tight arrangement and usually more than one catchy hook. The result is the band's first truly consistent album. 

Driving rockers abound on Together: "Avalanche of Love" is driven by a procession of gutsy riffs that live up to the song's title, and "Buddy Joe" is a surging, dramatic adventure tale built on a singalong chorus and an insidiously catchy Indian-style guitar riff (this rousing tune has remained a popular part of the band's live set list). "Jangalene" is another highlight, a cleverly arranged tune that starts out as an acoustic blues but flowers into a full-throttle rocker midway through.  

Together remains an impressive album and clearly shows off the chops and songwriting skills that would bring the group a massive worldwide success the next year with Moontan.
by Donald A. Guarisco

1. All Day Watcher  - 4:49
2. Avalanche of Love  - 4:14
3. Cruisin' Southern Germany  (Barry Hay) - 3:00
4. Brother Wind  - 7:54
5. Buddy Joe  - 3:48
6. Jangalene  - 5:08
7. From Heaven from Hell  - 6:06
8. Thousand Feet Below You  - 4:11
all songs written by George Kooymans, except where noted

Golden Earring
*Rinus Gerritsen - Bass, Keyboard
*Barry Hay - Flute, Guitar, Saxophone, Vocals
*George Kooymans - Guitar, Vocals
*Cesar Zuiderwijk - Drums

The Golden Earring-s
1966  Winter-Harvest
1968-69  Miracle Mirror
1969  On The Double
1973  Moontan

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