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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Goldenrod - Goldenrod (1969 us, skill hard psych jam rock)

From Los Angeles, Goldenrod were part of the "Our Productions" crew, along with Mike Deasy, Lee Mallory and Curt Boettcher. As part of this talented group of people, they contributed to numerous albums and sessions in addition to those released as Goldenrod. Some of these included Tommy Roe, Darius and backing the Association on their first two albums. Much of this session work was done on a "conveyor belt" system; with all the instrumental tracks being cut at Gary Paxton's studio, and vocals for the more well known acts cut at Columbia. 

All three had earlier played with Ballroom with Boettcher and together with Mallory, they formed the basis of the original line-up of Millennium. Scheff contributed Dandelion Wine to the Millennium repertoire, but all three left when it looked like Millennium would turn into a 'proper' band rather than a studio project. Goldenrod are also thought to have backed Lee Mallory live. 

Apparently the group first met while they were recruited to back The Fifth Dimension and they all went on to become top L.A. session men; Scheff also went on to back Elvis Presley and Benay appeared in Fun Zone in the seventies. 

1. Descent Of The Cyclopeans - 6:04
2. The Gator Society - 12:36
3. Karmic Dream Sequence - 10:24
4. Standing Ovulation - 6:44

*Ben Benay - Guitar
*Jerry Scheff - Bass
*Toxey French - Percussion

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kobilica said...

Guitar trios are my favourite.Good guitar work.Thanks...

echoes said...

This sounds great.
Thxlgr 1130

sorogan said...

Many thax Larry and Marios !!

psychonaut said...

Thank you!

wcpaeb said...

Thanks for this.
I traded off my copy of this LP back in '77 or '78 to collector and have sorta regretted it ever since, so it will be nice to hear these instrumentals again.

Anonymous said...

If you check they are selling a "NEW" copy of the CD for $177.77 and it is out of the shrinkwrap! Well, one of their resellers wants that but it is on Amazon. There are also 2 used copies both about $35.00 each. There is no mention of vinyl. The CD has both stereo and mono mixes. Unless there were fewer copies of the CD than the vinyl I wouldn't dare think what the asking price for a nice vinyl copy might be. Too bad wcpaeb got rid of his, he might have been able to buy a tropical island with what he might have gotten for it. lol

Laurent said...

If someone is interested by an original LP copy of "Goldenrod", see here:

Its a little expensive, but the seller is serious, also a good friend.

adamus67 said...

First official reissue of this legendary West-Coast acid psych masterpiece even with the heavy blues-rockers, and even progressive. Three dudes playing long (6 to 12 min) tracks, completely instrumental,comparable, perhaps Groundhogs. . It was recorded 1969 in Hollywood and originally released on Chart maker. The album contains four tracks with a magical sound full of long passages of improvisation. Open Descent Of Cyclopeans album, a song with a riff that grabs you from the start and with a strong bass line that will surely impress many who enjoy playing this instrument. Karmic Dream Sequence is an issue to let go, the atmosphere Benay, Scheff and French manage to create is awesome, this topic just transports you. In The Gator Society touches shine Mr. Benay who attacks with a guitar solo too "galactic" accompanied by an excellent rhythm section, is particularly low. Standing Ovulation finally reached, the issue "heavier" album with a furious battery. Sound is deep, dirty places and,uncouth. Without a doubt this album will fill your expectations.

Philipp said...

Wonderful upload. Thank you very much, Marios!

Sergey said...

Wow! Music is beautiful but without vocals. Thank you very much

Btibrands said...

It's my pleasure to see your post here the idea you share is more useful for me. Thanks!
Golden Rod