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Friday, January 4, 2013

Iguana - Iguana (1972 uk, superb progressive jazzy brass rock, 2012 Flawed Gems remaster)

The mysterious British band Iguana was formed in Southampton in early 70's and released one excellent album originally in 1972 on label Polydor Records. and then disappear without a trace. The core of the band was guitarist/vocalist Bruce Roberts, bass-player John Cartwright and drummer Pete Hunt, The trio was augmented by strong dual brass-section - Ron Taylor on alto sax and tambourine and Chris Gower on trombone also piano played here by Don Shinn.

Despite the album being released on the well-known Polydor label, it quickly became one of its most obscure items, since for some strange reason nobody was interested in the great blend of loud jazz-rock and energetic heavy rock stuffed with progressive elemenets.

The sound of Iguana is rich and colorful, based on permanent juxtapositions of heavy, some what funky guitar sound and jazzy saxophone riffs – most of the songs are catchy and easy-to-get-into, in spit'e of their complex structures, alluding stylistics soul unique, sophisticated and richly orchestrated with vocals reminiscent of Mike Patto.

Though most of the tracks are vocal-driven, there are enough space for adventurous instrumental excursions, the band achieves a perfect balance between song-oriented as is the longest piece on the LP, almost 9-minute 'Price Of Love' reminding Colosseum, Mogul Thrash and other brass rockers of the 1970s. Actually Brainchild's 'Healing Of The Lunatic Owl' would be the closest comparison to Iguana’s. debut, only if Brainchild work was closer to progressive realms, Iguana veers more towards pure rocking sound, making the accent on sheer intensity of the early British rock music.
by Adamus67

1. Iguana - 3:33
2. Southampton Blues - 1:47
3. Price Of Love - 8:46
4. Power Of Love - 3:45
5. I Don't Need No Buddy - 3:15
6. Ron's Tune - 4:23
7. Prostitude - 3:31
8. Grey Day Lady - 3:19
9. Celluloid Samba - 3:24
All titles written and arranged by Iguana.

*Bruce Roberts - Guitar, Vocals
*Ronnie Taylor - Alto Saxophone, Tambourine
*John Cartwright - Bass, Finger Drums
*Chris Gower - Trombone, Tambourine
*Pete Hunt - Drums, Congas
*Don Shinn - Piano

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kobilica said...

Superb album,the sound is really great.Thanks for this remaster version...

Hi-Ho Silver said...

Thank you so much!
It's an excellent album, I downloaded it on bad quality MP3 format couple years ago.
Come, visit us at
Best wishes!

lmelis said...

Μάριε, καλή χρονιά και εύχομαι να συνεχίσεις με το blog (γιατί απλά είναι το καλύτερο). Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ για το Iguana και για τα Decameron (ελπίζω σύντομα να δούμε και το Mammoth Special)

Anonymous said...

Ron Taylor is a good friend of mine and still plays sax in a duo with guitarist John Wands in the Southampton area. Iguana became the Jess Roden Band mainly because Bruce didn't really want to take on all the vocals. The band released 3 albums as the Jess Roden band.

Cheers Bob

jes said...

ooooohh!!! great british jazz rock band. rare but good.thanks.

Pierre said...

love this album, I have had an old dodgey copy for years, this is so clear,well done to Flawed Gems and yourselves for putting this up.If you like u.k horn rock check out a band called "Heaven", did a gig at Isle of Wight festival. cheers Pierre.

Anonymous said...

Maravilloso album.
Carlos Jose desde Chile

Hoops McCane said...

Hoops McCane said;

There is a YouTube clip of them playing here; 11 minutes in, apparently they were associated with this TV pilot about a go-go girl, sounds like they did the theme tune too.

Unknown said...

I was playing in a Horn Band in the early 70's and the female singer, had a brother in the music industry that gave her the promo album. Loved it ever since. What a great sound. These guys should regroup

Marios said...


Aminoordin Kader said...

Have the LP but no cover,its a great album

Jones Morris said...

Mogul Thrash and other brass rockers of the 1970s. Actually Brainchild's 'Healing Of The Lunatic Owl' would be the closest comparison to Iguana’s. cd review