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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chick Churchill - You And Me (1973 uk, classy progressive rock, Flawed Gems 2011 edition)

Michael George "Chick" Churchill is a classically-trained pianist best-known as on/off keyboard man with Ten Years After, possibly the archetypal British blues/rock band, featuring Alvin Lee's lightning-fast guitar work. 

You and Me is Churchill's only solo album, is an unfairly forgotten rock gem with quite strong, progressive influences. A bevy of famous friends Jethro Tull's Martin Barre, Cozy Powell, Leo Lyons, Rick Lee, Roger Hodgson, Bernie Marsden, Garry Pickford Hopkins, it’s really hard to imagine a better configuration on one record. 

1. Come And Join Me - 5:10
2. Broken Engagement - 3:09
3. You And Me - 4:41
4. Reality In Arrears - 7:02
5. Dream Of Our Maker Man - 2:58
6. Ode To An Angel - 4:06
7. You're Not Listening - 2:39
8. Chiswick Flyover - 2:54
9. The Youth I Dreamt In Slipped Away - 4:31
10.Falling Down An Endless Day - 3:06
All songs written by Chick Churchill.

*Chick Churchill - Piano, Organ, Moog, Mellotron, Vocals on 7,10
*Gary Pickford-Hopkins - Vocals
*Martin Barre - Guitar on 1,2,5,9
*Rodger Hodgson - Guitar on 3, Bass on 3,4,6,7
*Bernie Marsden - Guitar on 4,6,7
*Leo Lyons - Bass on 1,2,5,8,9
*Cozy Powell - Drums on 1,5,8,9
*Ric Lee - Drums on 2
*Rick Davies - Drums on 3,4,6,7
*Bill Jackman - Sax on 1,3

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