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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Various Artists - Piccadilly Sunshine Part 5 (1966-69 uk, many more pop psych and other flavours)

If the 20 tracks collected on this, the fourth installment, are anything to go by, the splendid Piccadilly Sunshine series is still in its zenith. As the gray streets of late-‘60s Britain magically blossomed into a lysergic Edwardian wonderland of the imagination, Jago Simms tells his toy town tale about a “Conventional Fella” who liked to get nude after a hard day’s accounting so he could become “just as free as any bird or bee”, while lazy trumpets, tinkling harpsichords, shimmying Mod-psych organ and glorious guitar fuzz herald such forgotten classics as The Laurels’ “Rainmaker”, Keith Field’s “Stop! Thief” and the Now’s foray into early prog on “The Hands On my Clock Stand Still”.  Simply amazing stuff! 
by Alan Brown 22 March 2011

Artists - Tracks 
1. Samurai - Temple Of Gold - 2:15
2. The Running Jumping Standing Still Band - Ayeo - 2:18
3. Sight And Sound - Alley Alley - 2:45
4. Washington Dc’s-  32nd Floor - 2:29
5. Laurels  Sunshine - Thursday - 2:40
6. Jago Simms - In Too Deep - 2:25
7. Oedipus Complex - Empty Highway - 3:02
8. Wayne Fontana - In My World  - 3:01
9. Nocturnes - Look At Me - 3:15
10.John Bryant  - Columbine - 2:36
11.Sweet Thursday - Cobwebs - 3:22
12.Seymour Kelly - Indian Scene - 2:32
13.Tony Rivers And The Castaways - Pantomime - 3:46
14.Watch Committee - Now I Think The Other Way - 2:02
15.Merlin Q - The Secret  - 2:45
16.Roger Denison - Running Out Of Time - 2:10
17.Ian Whitcomb - Groovy Day - 2:23
18.Roulettes  - Airport People - 2:38
19.Sounds Bob Rogers - Dream With Me - 2:06
20.Toyshop - Say Goodbye To Yesterday - 3:21

The Piccadilly Sunshine flavours 
1968-70  Piccadilly Sunshine Part 1
1966-71  Piccadilly Sunshine Part 2
1967-70  Piccadilly Sunshine Part 3
1967-69  Piccadilly Sunshine Part 4

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  1. At last! Thank you!

    Vol 6 - 8?

  2. It seems impossible to download via Depositfiles without premium account.

  3. Piccadilly Sunshine flavours are a great collection. Thank you for the vols. All the best.

  4. Thanks for continuing to share more vols of this series.

  5. Many thanks for continuation of this series.

  6. Hi Marios, thank you so much for this wonderful series!

  7. The compilation album, 'Piccadilly Sunshine, Part Twelve – British Pop Psych and Other Flavours 1967-1971', is a bootleg!

    I played drums on track 4, 'Rastus Ravel (Is A Mean Old Man'), the 1970 Penny Farthing Records B-side by Heatwave :

    Neither the band nor I or the songwriter / publisher were informed of this 2nd April 2013 release on the Particles label.


  8. Thank you for reposting Piccadilly Sunshine part 5. Thanks for taking the time to re-post all of these great compilations.