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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Various Artists - Piccadilly Sunshine Part 1 (1968-70 uk, pop psych and other flavours, 2009 Past and Present release)

The Piccadilly Suns series sets foot into the deep and wondrous valleys of British Pop music culture. Daring to bring forth the once overlooked and sadly neglected songs that were laid to waste in a saturated wonderland of suburban teenage pop. Join us as we tiptoe barefoot and trip through the late 19605 and early yos in Great Britain's vast and glorious, cultural dustbin. Stepping amongst the twenty flower-powered trippers presented here, together we shall lovingly restore them their former glory.
Let us begin...
by Nick Saloman

Artists - Tracks
1.Jason James – Miss Pilkington’s Maid - 2:34
2.Peppermint Circus – I Won’t Be There - 2:49
3.Roger Bloom’s Hammer – Polly Pan - 2:47
4.Alan David – Flower Power - 3:15
5.Studio Six – Falling Leaves - 3:02
6.The Magicians – Slow Motion - 3:01
7.Tin Tin – He Wants To Be A Star - 2:13
8.The Cups – Good As Gold - 2:49
9.Billy Boyle – Pisces Man - 2:40
10.Sounds Inc. – Dead As A Go-Go - 3:55
11.Svensk – Dream Machine - 2:48
12.Christopher – The Race - 2:24
13.Merlin Q – Love’s Beautiful - 2:43
14.Mighty Joe Young – Why Don’t You Follow Me - 2:17
15.The Nocturnes – Fairground Man - 2:27
16.Mixture – Never Trust In Tomorrow - 2:17
17.Mood Of Hamilton – Why Can’t There Be More Love - 3:34
18.Jon – Polly Sunday - 2:15
19.Tony Fabian – Girl Of The Night - 2:08
20.Tim Andrews – Sad Simon Lives Again - 2:40

The Past and Present compilations
60-70's  Floor Filler Killers / New Directions Vol. 3
60-70's  Mind Expanders Vol.2
1967-74  Psych Bites Vol.1
1968-74  Psych Bites Vol.2
1969-73  Up All Night

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  1. Looks like a winner comp ! Thanks very much...

  2. Piccadilly Sunshine: Part 1 Released by the wonderful label: Past & Present (November 2009)
    Delectable UK pop-psych boot series that floated around melodic fizz & curlicues of strings creeping like vines around fuzz solos. Stacks of vocal harmonies come zooming in from the left or right. Lots of lyrics about the stuffy British up perclasses, pretty girls trapped in gardens, dreams had while looking out windows, etc.

    The great British pop music culture found itself losing its suburban simple pop cuts of the late 60′s early 70′s. Those that did ultimately find themselves buried well beneath the surface and subsequently forgotten, have been reunited on this series, which takes a joyous skip through the lost archives of the obscure British psych. The themes are bright and airy, there’s nothing to deep or meaningful to be found here, just a bouncy and light hearted flashback of pop rock to jive to,with added sweetener, and much of the same flavour when considering the dominant and samey vocals, despite the release featuring twenty different artists. Most tracks, in isolation, are a pleasant enough listen however.

    Mighty Joe Young’s offering is a spritely track that comes across very much a classic short and sweet sing-along. Earthy acoustic drums and a lively bass line emulating elements of Cream’s White Room. Svensk’s “Dream Magazine” has a fetching organ introduction and a grounded sound throughout. Tim Andrews’s “Sad Simon Lives Again” is introduced with strings, the sad melody providing a fitting accompaniment to such lyrics, before the violin melody provides a suitable lift during its chorus. Tony Fabian’s “Girl Of The Night” gives meaning to the often-referenced punchy bass line.

    Overall, none of the cuts on here are injected with any vivid imagery; it’s more of a parental guidance take on historic pop culture that went relatively unnoticed. There are no real hidden gems to be uncovered, and no blinding moments. What is does do, is offer those who want to – a chance to dust down and restore some organic, mod flavoured easy listening in a moment of nostalgia. Largely a lesson of historical weighting, identifying those roots that never really ran very deep, having got tired of the confines to obscurity, but unable to find a justified place in our music culture.

    Marios, Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Marios, these samplers are famous. I have bought Part 1 & 2 with a lot of rarities. Thanks for uploading this music!

  4. Thanks a lot for another great comp of British Psychedelia, Marios.

  5. Πολλά ευχαριστώ Μάριε!

  6. Many thanks, Marios. As always please us with rare posts.

  7. Totally look forward to this one.
    Thanks so much.Mike

  8. Thank you for your good feeling, good taste about music, and your good heart which is fill of generosity. You make the people around the world more happy, and our day by day more pleasant to live.
    Happy New Year, full of peace and love, health and prosperity to you and all your family.
    Thank you very much.

  9. The Collector
    Once again I must thank you Marios for all you work, your site is a collectors dream and I was really lucky to stumble on it. The Piccadilly Sunshine Collection is fantastic and I will continue to visit your site for more

  10. Gracias por esta magnífica colección.

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  12. Hi Marios, thanks for your wonderful blogs. You post so much great music. Would you repost the Piccadilly Sunshine series. I would be most grateful. Regardless, I love your blog and I appreciate what you have done and are doing for so many years. Best wishes for the future!

  13. Hi Terry A, I will upload all the Piccadilly Sunshine volumes as soon as possible. Thank you.

  14. Marios, that's very kind of you. I sincerely appreciate it. Thanks again for your marvelous blog.

  15. Thank you for reposting Piccadilly Sunshine Part 1. I am very grateful.

  16. Many thanks for updating the links to the Picadilly Sunshine compilations - Past & Present always do such a good job with these 60s/70s forgotten treasures - many thanks as well for keeping the music flowing in these strange times.