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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Graham Bond - Holy Magick (1970 uk, remarkable progressive jazz blues rock, 2006 digiPak bonus tracks remaster)

According to ancient Druidic and Celtic legend, King Arthur will return in this age of Aquarius to sustain us. And man, he's going to blow a mean blues; according to merlin Bond! Long before the recent spate of black magic involvement by some groups, Graham has been involved in white, or as he prefers to call it - holy magick. In order to help the word and perhaps gain a little more understanding he has devoted his latest album "to the true seekers of light". 

The lyrics are mainly incantations and chants in Egyptian and Atlean. Stonehenge is photographed on the sleeve with Graham and his wife Diane Stewart raising their arms in supplication. If you can't take the magick however, there is a lot of wailing music to enjoy. Graham sings with his usual pre-Joe Cocker intensity, and plays organ, piano and sax. Keith Bailey is a storm on drums, and other musicians involved are Victor Brox, Big Pete Bailey, Aliki Ashman, John Gross, Alex Dmochowski, Godfrey McLean and John Morsehead. They are at their best on slow tempo blues like "The Judgement". 

And even if you don't want an astral temple constructed around you, playing side one, should help contact the "higher forces", according to Bond. At least we can invent a new category - Rockult!
by Chris Welch, January 2, 1971 

Holy Magick opens with a fantastic trippy Jam, "Meditation". A 23-minute insane song, full of references to the 'Dark Side', and with some very good instrumental lines. The Female-Vocals, are particularly interesting, and so is trying to understand the weird words he is singing. The Saxophone has some great lines, the Organ work is also very cool. "Return Of Arthur" has a strong Blues sonority, with Joe Cocker-like Vocals and an astonishing Guitar Solo.

In the beginning it may sound weird and unpleasant, but it will turn into a very enjoyable listen, after the first minute. "The Magician", again with some blasting Saxophone work, this song is full of energy and power, probably due to the Bass line. The Screaming Vocals, by Bond, are the cheery at the top of the cake. "The Judgement" is completely different from the other songs, calm, without any sort of insane Instrumental solo. The Back-Vocals are pretty good on this one, sounding as if they were answering the Lead-Vocals. "My Archangel" is the lest song. It is quite weak, not much to say about it except that it i a feel-good song, without much interest.

The Cover-Art was photographed in Stonehenge, featuring Graham Bond and his wife, performing a strange ritual. This Album was not well received by the critics, but it is nonetheless a fantastic Album.
by Adamus67

1. Holy Magick Suite (Graham Bond) - 23:09
...a.Meditation Aumgn
...b.The Qabilistic Cross
...c.The Word Of The Aeon
...d.Invocation To The Light
...e.The Pentagram Ritual
...f .Qabalistic Cross
...g.Hymn Of Praise
...h.12 Gates To The City
...i.The Holy Words Iao Sabao (These Are The Words)
...j.Aquarius Mantra (In Egyptian)
...k.Enochian (Atlantean) Call
...l.Abragadabra The Word Of The Aeon
...m.Praise "City Of Light"
...n.The Qabalistic Cross, Aumgn
2. Return Of Arthur (Graham Bond) - 5:06
3. The Magician (Graham Bond) - 4:04
4. The Judgement (Diane Stewart) - 4:45
5. My Archangel Mikael (Diane Stewart) - 4:09
6. Water Water (Single Version) (Graham Bond, Diane Stewart) - 3:46
7. 12 Gates To The City (Single Version) (Graham Bond) - 3:40

*Alex Dmochowski - Bass Guitar
*Rick Gretch - Bass Guitar
*Jerry Salisbury - Cornet
*Godfrey McLean, Keith Bailey - Drums
*John Morsehead, Kevin Stacey - Guitar
*Big Pete Bailey - Percussion
*John Gross - Tenor Saxophone
*Aliki Ashman ,  Annette Brox - Vocals
*Victor Brox - Vocals, Electric Piano, Piano, Vocals
*Diane Stewart  - Vocals, Gong
*Graham Bond - Vocals, Alto Electric, Acoustic  Saxophone

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  1. Thank you. Very good album.

  2. Thanks Marios for all the Graham Bond stuff.

  3. hi,
    I knew Diane pretty well. Early on I asked if she would sign my copy of the LP. "No", came back a small quiet voice, she didn't seem particularly happy, that I even owned the LP.

    As I had always been rather intrigued by the creation of this recording, how on earth did the record company (Vertigo) green light this? .

    Being rather stupid, I asked her (at a later date) some of the how's & why's. She refused to discuss anything about this period (or this album). The only thing she ever said about the album, was; "Yes", it was her (in silhouette) on the back cover, and also the credits were wrong, she had also played congas!
    End of conversation.