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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Poets - Wooden Spoon / The Singles Anthology (1964-67 uk, fabulous mod freakbeat, 2011 release)

A five piece, R&B band from Glasgow, they adopted their clothes image of high-necked jackets and ruffled fronted shirts (see pic above. Can't recall who sent us this shot but thanks and we'll namecheck you if we find it in the e-mail attachment archieve eventually) from a portrait of the eighteenth century Scots poet Rabbie Burns. Hence, also, the name. 

Mean, moody and utterly magnificent, in 1964 the Poets were the best thing to come out of Scotland since Denis Law. Managed and produced by Rolling Stones svengali Andrew Loog Oldham, the group released a quintet of classic singles - including the minor hit 'Now We're Thru"- that encompassed Zombies-esque minor chord melancholia and aggressive mod R&B/pop with equal aplomb.

The group fragmented in early 1966 after the departure of lead singer and chief songwriter George Gallacher, but a revised lineup bounced back in fine style the following year with 'Wooden Spoon' b/w 'In Your Tower', now widely acknowledged as a seminal British freakbeat/psychedelic record. This first-ever official Poets anthology features the group's entire released output during their 1964-67 glory days.

1. Now We're Thru'(Gallacher, Paton, Myles) - 2:20
2. There Are Some (Gallacher, Paton, Myles) - 2:14
3. That's The Way It's Got To Be (Gallacher, Paton, Myles) - 2:35
4. I'll Cry With The Moon (Gallacher, Paton, Myles) - 2:53
5. I Am So Blue (Gallacher, Paton, Myles) - 2:42
6. I Love Her Still (Gallacher, Paton, Myles) - 1:45
7. Call Again (Paton, Gallacher) - 2:24
8. Some Things I Can't Forget (Paton, Gallacher) - 1:51
9. Baby Don't You Do It (Holland, Dozier) - 2:28
10.I'll Come Home (Gallacher, Paton) - 2:07
11.Wooden Spoon (Moeller, Woolfson) - 2:29
12.In Your Tower (Mulvey, Watson) - 2:30

The Poets
*George Gallacher - Vocals
*Hume Paton - Lead Guitar
*Tony Myles - Rhythm Guitar
*John Dawson - Bass Guitar
*Alan Weir - Drums
*Hughie Nicholson - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
*Fraser Watson - Guitar
*Jim Breakey - Drums

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George S. said...

Thanks a lot Marios.

Iain said...

What a great release!
Wooden Spoon has been a fave song of mine for so long.

Anonymous said...

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Remy said...

Thanks Marios!

Anonymous said...

RIP George Gallacher

zappahead said...

Thanks marios for this little gem.....I remember them for there singles so to have them all here fantastic....cheers.

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Costas said...

Is there any case to post "Never thought she would"?

BTTW said...

Hi there, I think the link is down on this. Any chance for a re-upload?
Many Thanks

Marios said...

BTTW, The Poets - Wooden Spoon reup..

BTTW said...

Thanks Mario! That's great.

I Am The Invisible Man.............. said...

this is really good stuff, thank you!