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Friday, April 13, 2012

Various Artists - Psych Bites, Vol. 1 (1967-74 aussie, dynamic acid freak rock)

Australians have a well-deserved reputation for liking their rock & roll hard, heavy, and without a lot of gingerbread, and it should come as no surprise that a lot of their psychedelic stuff doesn't dwell much on peace, love, and flowers.

In fact, the 20 rare tunes collected on Psych Bites, Vol. 1: Australian Acid Freakrock 1967-1974 don't sound all that psychedelic, but like early hard rock with a dash of heavy blues and progressive rock added for flavoring. "Midnight Witch" by Ash bears more than a passing resemblance to Black Sabbath (though without their monolithic impact), Helium's "Don't Think Twice" is a bluesy stroll with guitar work that wins the Leigh Stephens award for being clumsy and brilliant at the same time, Freshwater's "Satan's Woman" shifts back and forth between major and minor keys as the titular succubus weaves her spell, Chook's "Tables Turn" is fast and thunderous, and the Dave Miller Set's "No Need to Cry" is a lean rocker with plenty of tough guitar soloing.

Most of these tracks were cut for independent Aussie labels, and with rare exceptions, the material is well-produced and musically solid; the music speaks of the early '70s rather than the late '60s (which makes sense, since only one song was cut before 1970), and while there's a vague counterculture sensibility in this music, the unspoken message is to rock out and boogie, not to explore the avenues of the mind, and taken at face value, this music succeeds admirably.
by Mark Deming

Artists - Tracks
1. Flake - Under The Silent Tree - 3:53
2. Doug Parkinson In Focus - Then I Run - 2:59
3. Barry McCaskell And Levi Smith Clefs - Love Like A Man - 3:20
4. Pirana - Here It Comes Again - 2:48
5. Long Grass - Anywhere You Wanna Go - 2:21
6. Freshwater - Satan's Woman - 3:00
7. Ash - Midnight Witch - 4:03
8. Chook - Cold Feet - 3:07
9. Michael Turner In Session - Patterns Of My Life - 2:57
10.Dave Miller Set - No Need To Cry - 6:12
11.Ticket - Awake - 5:19
12.Rashamra - Antelope - 3:15
13.Flake - Breadalbane - 5:19
14.Helium - Don't Think Twice - 3:49
15.Isherwood - Willy The Weeper - 2:10
16.Healing Force - The Gully - 3:53
17.Headband - Stay With Me - 3:30
18.Ash - Warrant - 2:58
19.Chook - Tables Turn - 3:13
20.Doug Parkinson In Focus - Purple Curtains - 2:24

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  1. Thanks Marios, I'll check it out!

  2. So, there was rock down there?
    Let's hear it, the sample sounds very good!

  3. It’s difficult to properly define the term ‘psychedelic.’ Drug use and the social environment that it constructs are fine opening topics themselves, but things become much more complicated when ‘psychedelic’ refers to a genre of music rather than a cultural tradition.
    As for me revelation, 70-minute compilation comprised of classic singles early , Australian rock music from the years 1967-1974. Only a few of these groups issued a large plate (Pirana, Levi Smith Clefs, Headband) for at most names, says little or nothing. The music is excellent - very reminiscent of the British underground in the years 69-71, and some numbers are just insane
    Thanks a lot,Marios

  4. An another outstanding compilation coming from Great Britain. Here are Aussie Heavy psych rock bands in the pure tradition of the early 70's, most of them unknown for me, how such groups may have been remained unknown until now. Fantastic! Thanks a lot Marios.

  5. Thank you very much for Vol 1. Will you be posting Vol 2?

  6. Hi Anonymous,
    The Psych Bites Vol 2, is a compilation from musicians all over the world, I mean than doesn't contain only Australian or New Zealand artists.

  7. Absolutely mindblowing! Thank you very much Marios! I saw many of these bands as a young teen, mainly at free out door events. Loving this one.

  8. wowww fantastic post my friend

  9. For some reason, this comp eludes me. Many thanks for sharing, Marios!

  10. You're all right, and I have been wrong.

    I will now stand beside you, in Society.

    I will assume my role.

    Nikola Tesla
    Martin Luther
    Robin Hood
    Jimi Hendricks
    Harry Houdini
    Sarah Bernhardt
    Joan of Ark
    Marquis deSade
    Johnny Appleseed

    I will also take my Meds.

    Marc Breed
    America's Fetish Photographer

  11. I missed this one the first time around... Thanks Marios.

  12. Any chance of a re-up on this one? Looks smashing!

  13. Anonymous, "Psych Bites, Vol. 1 " ..rebites