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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tear Gas - Piggy Go Getter (1970 uk, excellent progressive rock with psych folk shades, original Vinyl release)

Originally known as Mustard. Their first vocalist Andy Mulvey had previously been with The Poets. However, he was soon replaced by David Batchelor and around the same time Gilson Lavis (their original drummer, who later played with Squeeze) was replaced by Richard Monro from Ritchie Blackmore's Mandrake Root.

This line-up recorded Piggy Go Getter, which made little impact. In 1970 Hugh McKenna took over Batchelor's vocal role and Ted McKenna (ex-Dream Police) relieved Monro on drums. They recorded a second album and tried to establish themselves on the underground scene but were going nowhere with their brand of tired boogie heavy rock, until they teamed up with Alex Harvey in August 1972 to become The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

1. Lost Awakening - 3:46
2. Your Woman's Gone and Left You - 2:37
3. Night Girl (D. Batchelor, Z. Cleminson, C. Glen) - 6:11
4. Nothing Can Change Your Mind - 3:51
5. Living For Today - 3:15
6. Big House - 3:55
7. Mirrors of Sorrow (D. Batchelor, Z. Cleminson, C. Glen) - 3:09
8. Look What Else Is Happening (D. Batchelor, Z. Cleminson, C. Glen) - 5:32
9. I'm Fallin' Far Behind (D. Batchelor, Z. Cleminson, R. Monro) - 3:12
10.Witches Come Today - 3:34
All compositions by David Batchelor and Zal Cleminson unless otherwise stated.

Tear Gas
*David Batchelor - Lead vocals
*Zal Cleminson - Guitar
*Richard Monro - Drums
*Eddie Campbell - Keyboards
*Chris Glen - Bass

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Nazareth said...

Many thanks, Marios!

Hajul Ellah said...

I appreciate your generosity in sharing this, Marios. If I'm not wrong, this is essential listening. Cheers!

DanP said...

Nice post! I was quite mesmerized by this one when I was first exposed to it. Distinctive sound.

Anonymous said...

muchas gracias !!!!

adamus67 said...

Hi Marios,
I got it on CD (2004 24bit Re-master)Released by German Walhalla Records...
Tear gas is a group which was formed in 1969 in Glasgow, Scotland, this work is the first album was released in 1970.
The semi-psych hard rock group that eventually morphed into The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. This is their first of two albums, supposedly the first band to actually release an LP in Scotland. Originally called Mustard. A rarity that's well worth a listen on both your left and right ear!
Originally Released:31 December 1970
Label:Paramount Records – PAS 5029
Producerd by Tony Chapman
read more:

@Marios,Thanks a lot willingly hear this vinyl rip ..
(Ah!and some time ago the Phrock, Nell has made available this album - special limited edition CD)
I cordially greet,

Laurent said...

I have the same US LP press (Paramount record PAS5029),also release in UK (Famous 5721).I don't know why but i was thinking that it was their second album. In that period i was a little disappointed by this album, their second "same"(Regal zonophone 1021) is much better, despite that, this record is not so bad and have some good moments. Worth a listen(and more). An another fine post by Marios, thanks so much.

Laurent said...

I would like to add, that i listened this record only two or three times, there's more than 25 year. So, i can just be wrong in my comment.
PS: Is that i'am a robot, i can't read the characters...

Remy said...

Thank-you, Marios! I enjoyed this.

André Luiz said...

Thanks for the post. Great band.

André Luiz said...

Great band. Thanks for the post.

Sergey said...

thank you very much

Marios said...


jucela said...

Hello Marios, I'm afraid the links to both Tear Gas albums are broken. Best regards