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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Guess Who - This Time Long Ago (1966-68 canada, stimulated psychedelic, garage beat, double disc edition)

The Guess Who & Bachman Turner Overdrive founder Randy Bachman again has rescued these tapes from oblivion, and has carefully restored them. The packaging is superb as it includes a wonderful 14-page essay and a collection of never seen photos from Bachman's own archives. A true treasury of rare gems for loyal Guess Who fans everywhere!

"This Time Long Ago" continues their journey from their humble Winnipeg beginnings to becoming the superstar act which is still playing together in 2004! With songs ranging from their second UK chart hit His Girl to unreleased versions of songs from their Wheatfield Soul, Canned Wheat and American Woman albums, these "lost sessions" really cover a lot of musical territory. Check out the newly discovered version of These Eyes with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Burton Cummings vocals are really in exceptional form on this classic track as well as all of the other tunes in this new package. Their rare Canadian single of the Neil Young penned Flying On The Ground Is Wrong receives star treatment as well earlier versions of Guess Who staples Wednesday In Your Garden, When Friends Fall Out and Of A Dropping Pin.

Another reason to rave about this collection is because of the unreleased songs unearthed from the Canadian television show Let's Go. Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings, Jim Kale and Garry Peterson appeared weekly and played not only their own material but also a selection of hit songs from the era. Their interpretations of White Room, Love Is All Around and Light My Fire are highly interesting and enjoyable to hear after all these years of being stored in the vaults. These tracks make this collection worth its weight in gold.

The Guess Who went on to sell millions of records worldwide. Their songs are heard everywhere today, on radio, television, movies, you name it. This Time Long Ago proves the genuine talent that this band possessed in the late 60s. They met their challenges, paid their dues, and became one of the most successful recording acts of all time.

Disc One
1. His Girl (Johnny Cowell) - 2:57
2. It's My Pride (Randy Bachman) - 2:49
3. If You Don't Want Me (Burton Cummings) - 3:05
4. Croyez-Moi (Randy Bachman) - 3:03
5. His Girl (Johnny Cowell) - 3:03
6. This Time Long Ago (Jimmy Stewart, Jerry Langley) - 2:26
7. Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (Neil Young) - 2:38
8. There's No Getting Away From You (Randy Bachman) - 2:53
9. Miss Felicity Grey (J. Stewart, J. Langley) - 2:19
10.Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran, Jerry Capehart) - 3:47
11.Love Is All Around (Reg Presley) - 2:49
12.Sitar Saga (Randy Bachman) - 4:43
13.Pretty Blue Eyes (Teddy Randazzo, Robert Wilding) - 2:36
14.Pretty Blue Eyes (Alternate Take) (T. Randazzo, R. Wilding) - 2:35
15.We're Coming To Dinner (R.Bachman, B. Cummings) - 2:55

Disc Two
1. Light My Fire (Acoustic Version) (Densmore, Krieger, Manzarek, Morrison) - 3:21
2. Light My Fire (Densmore, Krieger, Manzarek, Morrison) - 2:55
3. Shadows Cross The Shadows (Burton Cummings) - 4:15
4. These Eyes (R. Bachman, B. Cummings) - 3:42
5. Wednesday In Your Garden (Randy Bachman) - 3:23
6. When Friends Fall Out (R. Bachman, B. Cummings) - 2:57
7. Maple Fudge (R. Bachman, B. Cummings) - 1:54
8. I Found Her In A Star (Burton Cummings) - 2:09
9. 6 a.m. Or Nearer (Randy Bachman) - 3:58
10.I'm In The Mood For Love (Dorothy Fields, Jim McHugh) - 4:08
11.White Room (Pete Brown, Jack Bruce) - 4:31
12.Of A Dropping Pin (R. Bachman, B. Cummings) - 2:22
13.Friends Of Mine (Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings) - 11:00

The Guess Who
*Randy Bachman - Guitar, Vocals
*Burton Cummings - Piano, Vocals
*Jim Kale - Bass
*Garry Peterson - Drums

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Anonymous said...

I just looking for BarryMcGuire with Star Folk (rpm records 2007) and West Coast Consortium "Looking Back" (Castle records).

Could you help me???


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Thank you Marios, for this superb posting

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Marios said...

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Thanx again Marios for your tireless Support. All of your hard work is greatly appreciated. I applaud you, my friend.

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Doc, Guess Who came back This Time Long Ago!!

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Does anyone have the recent American Woman 2-Disc Reissue? Thanx!

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Is that Mel Collins on sax at the end of "Friends of Mine"?

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Seems to be an issue with Part 2. I've downloaded it a few times but it won't open.

Marios said...

cwitt1980, I've just downloaded from the text file above and extract the files, no errors occupied, both parts are ok..