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Sunday, December 4, 2011

East Of Eden - New Leaf (1971 uk, great progressive rock, 2002 extra tracks edition)

Re-issue of the 1971 album by this UK progressive outfit originally released on Harvest Records which contained the brilliant opening cut, 'Bradshaw The Bison Hunter',which is worth admission price alone.This was to be the multi-instrumentalist's Dave Arbus' last album for the band.

This -4th album- from East O Eden is another blaster of good progressive rock with violin, at times reminding of High Tide, but more progressive. On the other hand, a track like "Home blues" could might as well be written by Jimi Hendrix !!

1. Bradshaw The Bison Hunter (D. Jack, J. Roche, J. Allen, D. Arbus) - 6:10
2. Ain't Gotta Do You No Harm - 2:57
3. Get Happy - 4:18
4. Don't Be Afraid - 4:18
5. Man Said - 2:20
6. Song For No One - 3:43
7. Joe - 3:35
8. Nothin' To Do - 3:22
9. Road Song - 2:23
10. Home Blues - 3:46
11. Jig-a-Jig - 3:38
12. Boogie Woogie Flu - 3:20
13. Last Dance of the Clown - 3:50
14. Sin City Girls - 3:38
15. All Our Yesterdays - 2:48
All compositions by David Jack except where indicated

East Of Eden
*Dave Arbus - Violin, Saxophone, Flute
*Jim Roche - Guitar
*David Jack - Bass
*Dave Weller - Saxophone
*Jeff Allen - Drums

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  1. One of the greatest band from UK.Every album is great.Have a nice day!!!

  2. Slightly worse continuation of the style known from the third album - the same year of publication (71 '), the same label on vinyl (Harvest), but the team lowered his tone. Album starts perfectly, but the songs have become shorter, while the melody is slightly simplified. For the LP included additional 5 tracks from singles from the years 1970 to 1973 ... hmm for me it not the so magic...txn

  3. Thank you Marios, I'm looking forward to listen to this one!