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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blues Image - Blues Image / Red White and Blues Image (1969-70 us, exciting blues rock with latin jazz shades)

The Blues Image formed in Tampa, FL, in 1966 by Michael Pinera (b. September 29, 1948, Tampa, FL) (guitar, vocals), Manuel Bertematti (b. 1946, Tampa, FL) (percussion), and Joe Lala (b. Tampa, FL) (drums). Malcolm Jones (b. Cardiff, Wales) (bass) joined in 1966, followed in 1968 by Frank "Skip" Konte (b. Canyon City, OK) (keyboards).

The band moved to New York City in 1968 and managed a club called the Image. Then they moved to Los Angeles, where they signed to Atlantic Records' Atco division in February 1969, and released their self-titled debut album. This was followed by Open (1970), which featured "Ride Captain Ride." But the Blues Image never followed their hit. Pinera left, replaced by Kent Henry (guitar) and Dennis Correll (vocals).

Then the Blues Image broke up. A third album, Red White & Blues Image, was compiled from outtakes. Skip Konte joined Three Dog Night, while some other band members reformed as Manna. Pinera later was a member of Iron Butterfly, then Ramatam, and, with Bertematti, the New Cactus Band.  He also formed a band called Thee Image and worked as a solo artist. Lala became a Los Angeles session player and worked with Joe Walsh and the various manifestations of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, among others.
by William Ruhlmann

1969 Blues Image
1. Take Me to the Sunrise - 4:14
2. Leaving My Troubles Behind - 3:49
3. Outside Was Night - 3:56
4. In Front Behind You - 3:13
5. Lay Your Sweet Love on Me - 2:14
6. (Do You Have) Somethin' to Say - 3:58
7. Lazy Day Blues - 4:50
8. Yesterday Could Be Today - 2:10
9. Reality Does Not Inspire - 9:09
All songs witten by The Blues Image.

1970 Red, White and Blues Image

10.Rise Up (Correll, Jones, Konte) - 4:16
11.Behind Every Man (Correll, Konte) - 3:17
12.Gas Lamps and Clay (Correll, Konte) - 2:39
13.Take Me Back (Correll, Konte) - 3:33
14.It Happens All the Time (Henry, Jones) - 4:01
15.Good Life (Correll, Konte) - 3:35
16.It's the Truth (Jones) - 3:42
17.Let's Take a Ride (Konte) - 2:52
18.Ain't No Rules in California (Jones) - 7:50

Blues Image

*Mike Pinera - Vocals, Guitar (1969)
*Frank "Skip" Konte - Vocals, Piano, Organ
*Joe Lala - Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Congas
*Manuel Bertematti - Drums, Congas, Tumba
*Malcom Jones - Bass
*Dennis Correll - Vocals (1970)
*Kent Henry - Guitar (1970)

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mscmichael said...

The 1st one is a great album, by all means. The second one, I can't quite remember it. Thanks very much...

George S. said...

Thank you very much Marios.

Mr. Clem said...

Thanks Marios, I was only able to find Open on CD tho I had the first two on vinyl. The third was unknown to me and will be an extra treat.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this awesome upload!!

Cositronico said...

many thankx marios. very good post, as usual in this site. all the best.

Jamie (tacobueno) said...

Thanks a lot Marios - good to have along with Open (which I do hv).

Peton said...

Thank you Marios. Very good this cd with two albums. You rock.

Miguel Correa said...

Great band, thanks¡

Anonymous said...

Say, Marios - Thank you for making so many superb recordings available! I have a fairly big vinyl collection, but no turntable any more. It's great to be able to hear my favorite music from the '50s, '60s and '70s again——at home, on demand.

One thing - Thee Image was the club's actual name——in Miami Beach, not New York. Built in a gutted former bowling alley, it was a hoppin' joint in its day, so I hear.

Thanks again - Cheers!