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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Richard Last Group - Get Ready (1972 italy, fine progressive folk rock)

Italian Progressive Folk/soft-psychedelia, a rare and very hard to find album, original released 1972 under the title "Get Ready" and reissued by the Italian label Akarma.

A wonderful mix of psychedelic and folk progressive sounds with the peculiar use of the flute wich refer to Jethro Tull, there's a song by the Tulls including and also the Donovan's Lalenia.

Hard to find any further information about the band or the members but If we take as an element  the last song of the album, we can assume that the group originated from Southern Italy and in particular from Naples.

1. Sad And Deep As You (Mason) - 3:25
2. Eye To Eye (Werth-Williams) - 1:44
3. I Have A Dream (Werth, Williams) - 3:25
4. Dharma For One (Bunker, Anderson) - 4:22
5. He Has Gone Away (Richard) - 3:06
6. Confusion (Richard) - 1:53
7. Fire And Rain (J.Taylor) - 3:23
8. Break Down (R.Thomas) - 3:24
9. Lalena (Leich) - 4:09
10.Thank You (Stewart, Stone) - 2:30
11.Colour My World (Pankow) - 2:58
12.Naple In Rock (Richard) - 1:55

*Richard Coley - Vocals

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Hotroder said...

Thanks Marios this one is new to these ears.

adamus67 said...

Few years ago I've heard this album for the first time,Oh, yes, I remember a good album,
Little is known about this band. Info about the band, pretty damn hard to find.
Released in ’72 (on Le Orme’s label, Car Juke Box), a completely unknown formation from the underground of the Italian prog movement, Akarma believes that all of the musicians contained here are of Italian origin, but it is unclear. The liner notes on the cover don’t help either. The band was comprised of 7 members and they presented a sound comparable to British groups from the 70’s like Jethro Tull. The music is very nice - lots of flutes, soft and beautiful harmony in the spirit of Jethro Tull and Traffic, a successful addition to the guitar and organ. Of the 12 tracks, only three original compositions. In fact in one of the first tracks they play a cover of “Dharma For One”, plus they offer two other covers later on, “Eye To Eye” & “I Have A Dream”. Jazz-rock with electric & electro-acoustic mutations,song in English, showing good technical qualities but little in creativity.
There's an evident connection between the Richard Last Group and a Richard Coley, who only released an album in Italy, probably slightly later than the other one.
Dedicated..., whose cover doesn't give any information on the author or the musicians, contains the same 12 songs as Get ready! This album was released on the unknown Alexandra label. Judging from the title of one of the original compositions on the album, Naples in rock, it was easy to think that the group was from that city, but the information included in the insert of the Dedicated.... LP shows that the artist came almost certainly from France.

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spaceboy5367 said...

Looking forward to hearing the James Taylor cover, thanks Marios!

space88 said...

very Intressting Stuff!Thanks marios

Pep Sonic said...

Thank you!!! I've liked!! All the best.

Cositronico said...

Very very good album. Thank you very much for all friend.

juan manuel muñoz said...

thanks a lot

Ale GrandeDrago said...

Hi Marios could you make Richard to get ready again...? Thx :-)

Marios said...

.....Richard Last Group...Ready.....