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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mariani - Perpetuum Mobile (1970 us, superb heavy acid psych from texas, Akarma edition)

The album by Mariani called Perpetuum Mobile, released in 1970 and featuring Eric Johnson, two thoughts immediately came to mind. Either the "1970" part was a typo and "1980" was intended, or this was a different Eric Johnson than the Austin, Texas-based axe virtuoso known and worshiped by legions of electric guitar enthusiasts around the globe.

After all, EJ didn't record as a leader until 1985 and he was barely 30 at the time. Ten years earlier he was the guitarist for the rock fusion group the Electromagnets. Something doesn't compute. But as I quickly confirmed, it does. This was sho 'nuff the same Johnson who later gave the world Ah Via Musicom, and if you do the math, you'll conclude he was 15 or 16 when he laid down these tracks as a sideman for a psychedelic blues rock band led by its drummer.

Holy Jonny Lang, Batman! Mariani, by the way, wasn't named after a popular dish at The Olive Garden; it is the namesake of said drummer, Vince Mariani. Mariani was a good enough drummer to seriously audition to be Mitch Mitchell's replacement in Jimi Hendrix's band. Instead of landing that coveted gig, he was persuaded by Austin producer and label owner Bill Posey to form his own band. Having jammed with Johnson previously, he enlisted young Eric to be his guitarist, and along with bass player/vocalist Jay Podolnick, they soon began to compose several songs together.

And the music itself? It's more than a little bit like Cream. Being that this is Vince's band, he and his drums do get the spotlight most of the time, but Lil' Eric was given plenty of space to shine. He wasn't in Clapton's league yet, as you might expect, but he was already more than halfway t In the opening track "Searching For A New Dimension", he shows a nice mastery of the wah wah pedal, which was nice thing to be good at in 1970. In "Re-Birth Day", which was edited down for a single release, Johnson shows off some flash in his guitar break that provides a strong hint of the solo career he would launch many years later.

The instrumental "The Unknown Path" is largely a Hendrix exercise. In many other spots he shows yet more of that promise; maybe t's not a distinctive style yet as he had just recently absorbed Wheels Of Fire. Oh, but did I tell you he was only 15 or 16 years old at the time?Although the band went on the road to promote their album, touring with the likes of Deep Purple, Perpetuum Mobile didn't make much of an impact. After a few years the band fell apart without recording another album and the individuals pursued other interests. It's probably safe to say that the band's guitarist went on to do pretty good for himself.

1. Searching For A New Dimension - 5:40
2. Interlude - 0:32
3. Re Birth Day - 5:52
4. Interlude ii - 0:32
5. Things Are Changing - 4:42
6. Interlude iii - 0:33
7. Lord I Just Cant Help Myself - 2:55
8. The Unknown Path - 5:58
9.  Euphoria - 11:23
10.Message - 2:19
11.Windy Planet - 6:09
12.Re Birth Day (45 Version) - 3:05
13.Memories - 2:08
All songs written and arranged by Mariani

*Eric Johnson - Guitar, Vocals
*Jay Podolnick - Bass, Vocals
*Vince Mariani - Drums, Vocals

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Hotroder said...

Thanks Marios this is a classic album & johnson is a monster player.
It's great to get this in flac as i only had this on tape.
How is the weather in Greece,good i hope,it's cyclone time here in the north of Australia,scary stuff.
Cheers mate,have a good day.

freesteve said...

nicely done, enjoy

Marios said...

Hi Hotroder,
is it Darwin or?
actually here in Greece
it's the end of the winter but the weather keeps it really good,
we have between -4 up to +19C,
I saw on TV what happened in Australia last moths,
many problems with flood, cyclones etc, wish you have no further problems.
Best wishes.

Hotroder said...

It is Darwin,but all is well for now,winds have calmed down.

adamus67 said...

I bought this album a couple of years ago...Excellent!more something like this!anyway thanks

lmelis said...

Excellent album Marios. Have it in vinyl but I'll download it to also listen it in the car. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marios said... on move....

Cuddlybear said...

I was listening to this album just a few days ago and I am obliged to say it's a brilliant release, reminiscent of Cream, though I hear the influence of Rory Gallagher in there as well.

Many thanks Marios.


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