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Friday, June 24, 2016

P.F. Sloan - Songs Of Our Times (1965 us, classic folk psych, 2014 japan SHM remaster)

Sloan's solo debut unveiled a singer-songwriter of a more serious, not to say Dylanesque, mindset than was evident on the material he had written for other artists up to that point (and indeed on the material that he continued to supply for acts like Johnny Rivers, Herman's Hermits and the Grass Roots after this album). At times, the Dylan influence was obvious -- "What Exactly's the Matter with Me," for instance, sounds like a pop Dylan with a heavy streak of satirical self-pity. 

Yet the strongest half or so of the album revealed a composer of considerable talent. Sloan's own versions of "Eve of Destruction" and "Take Me for What I'm Worth" are starker than the hit covers by Barry McGuire and the Searchers respectively, and "The Sins of a Family" is one of his best and most penetrating works. Other tracks, such as "I Get Out of Breath" and "This Is What I Was Made For," show more of the pop tunesmith in Sloan, and his underrated voice is well-suited for the earnest charm of the material. 
by Richie Unterberger

P.F. Sloan passed away on November 15th 2015 at the age of 70.

1. The Sins Of A Family (P.F. Sloan) - 3:05
2. Take Me For What I'm Worth (P.F. Sloan) - 2:50
3. What Exactly's The Matter With Me (P.F. Sloan) - 2:32
4. I'd Have To Be Out Of My Mind - 2:27
5. Eve Of Destruction (P.F. Sloan) - 3:15
6. This Mornin' (P.F. Sloan) - 2:42
7. I Get Out Of Breath (P.F. Sloan) - 3:19
8. This Is What I Was Made For - 2:24
9. Ain't No Way I'm Gonna Change My Mind - 2:50
10.All The Things I Do For You Baby - 2:01
11.Goes to Show Just How Wrong You Can Be - 2:07
12.What Am I Doin' Here With You - 2:45
All songs by P. F. Sloan, Steve Barri unless as else stated

*P.F. Sloan - Vocals. Guitar. Harmonica

1965-66  PF Sloan - Precious Time / The Best Of (vinyl edition)
1968  P.F. Sloan ‎- Measure Of Pleasure (2006 issue)

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Filldemontgat said...

My blood boils when not being able to be with your web.
Thanks Marios.

kevinpat said...

Sadly one of the most under-appreciated singer/songwriters of the sixties. Legend, true or not, is that he wrote "Eve of Destruction" in the middle of the night. He woke his mother up to play it for her and she told him not to wake his father up. One has to listen to the many great songs he and Steve Barri wrote to realize his incredible talent. This CD is a start. I could never understand how Dunhill never promoted PF as a solo artist. He had a wonderful voice as attested here. Thanks for sharing this!!

mscmichael said...

Thanks a lot...

Robert said...

Thank you for posting this CD...I downloaded the cue flac file and burned a CD-R using IMGburn.

Rick said...

Many many thanks for this - very much appreciated.