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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Children Of The Mushroom - Children Of The Mushroom (1968 us, incredible rough garage psych, 2014 issue)

Back in the mid '60s there were lots of garage/psychedelic bands, that only released one or two singles and among them there were kids that apparently found out about psilocybin very soon. Children Of The Mushroom formed in Thousand Oaks, California, which is a small town near Los Angeles. First they were called The Captives and around the summer of love they became Children Of The Mushroom. 

The band consisted of Jerry McMillen (guitar, vocals, flute), Bob Holland (organ), Al Pisciotta (bass), Dennis Christensen (drums) and Paul Gabrinetti (guitar, vocals). The band was inspired by The Doors, Iron Butterfly and similar groups, which appeared around the L.A area. In 1968 the Soho label out of Hollywood released their incredible single. 

The A-side, 'August Mademoiselle', was written by Holland while the B-side, 'You Can't Erase A Mirror', was written by McMillen and Holland. 'August Mademoiselle' is one of the best garage/psych singles of all time in our opinion and consists of wicked Vox organ playing, huge amount of fuzz and the haunting atmosphere with crazy fast tempo that really blows your brains out. 

'You Can't Erase A Mirror' is just the opposite; slow but again a very haunting number from the band. It's easy to say that the band represents the true garage spirit of the late '60s when there were tons of bands with one or two singles out. Some of them were good, some of them just OK, but the Mushroom people released one the most celebrated ones, which is a must to any psych/garage collector.
by Klemen Brezinkar

1. August Mademoiselle (Bob Holland) - 2:27
2. You Can't Erase Α Mirror (Bob Holland, Jerry McMillen) - 3:02
3. Blade - 6:11
4. It Won't Be Enough - 4:08
5. Vortex - 5:05
6. Care for Me - 4:09
7. Exordium (The Mushroom Theme) (Bob Holland, Jerry McMillen) - 7:17
Music by Children Of The Mushroom, Lyrics by Jerry McMillen except where stated

The Children Of The Mushroom
*Jerry McMillen - Lead Guitar, Vocals
*Dennis Christensen Swanson - Ludwig Drums
*Al Pisciotta - Fender Bass
*Paul Gabrinetti - Fender Guitar, Vocals
*Bob Holland - Vox Organ, Vocals

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Alexandr said...

Thanks, Marios.

psychonaut said...

Thanks a lot!

sorogan said...

Thanks a lot, Marios!

Squirrel Machine said...

"August Mademoiselle" is one of my favorite psych numbers. Thanks so much for posting this!

Robert said...

Yeah I downloaded this and listening to it now. Wow it's really out there ! Pretty trippy ! Thanks for posting this one.

lmelis said...

Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ Μάριε.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

just taking a minute to thank you for all the great posts You have helped expand my music library Bill @24hr

Dennis Swanson said...


adamus67 said...

With only a single released in 1968, Children Of The Mushroom nobody personified as the Californian psychedelic sound of the late 60s Jerry McMillen and Dennis Swanson formed The Captives, beat teen- group, in the mid-60 in Thousand Oaks, California . In 1967, they changed its name to Children Of The Mushroom, and fully influenced by the psychedelic stream. The following year they are signed to a duet of producers offering them recording a single for the label Soho Records. The result was two stunning psychedelic garage issues "August Mademoiselle" and "You can not erase a mirror", full of vocal harmonies, fuzz, feedback, organ and mysterious atmosphere.
Thx Marios.

OOOPS!!! Dennis nice to see you here :)

kimon said...

Τι να πω και τι να εκφρασω με ενα απλο ευχαριστω.Συνεχως μας εκπλησεις με τους καταπληκτικους δισκους που μας παρουσιαζεις αψογα και μας προσφερεις τοσο απλοχερα,που ως επι το πλειστον μας ειναι εντελως αγνωστοι.Αισθανομαι βαθυτατα υποχρεωμενος,δεν ξερω τι να κανω για να σε ευχαριστησω.Μας δινεις xara μεσα στους χαλεπους και δυσκολους αυτους καιρους.Ο θεος να σε εχει καλα,και να χαριζει υγεια σε σενα και την οικογενεια σου.

lmelis said...

Συνυπογράφω στο σχόλιο του Κίμων

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I haven't been here for awhile and forgot the pw for the files. Looking forward to the 5 tracks on this I haven't heard, as the 45 was one of the best two-siders ever.

Robert Charbonnier said...

Pw is xara, but it's stated on the FreeText page :)

Like you, I knew only the single, but the other tracks are well also. Good record.

I didn't like the Thomas Edisun record, but thanks anyway :)

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Jos said...

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