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Monday, May 5, 2014

Pulse - Pulse (feat. Carlo Mastrangelo) (1971 us, terrific hard rock with prog jazz elements, 2010 Relics issue)

Pulse was led by Bronx born songwriter, drummer and vocalist Carlo Mastrangelo, who'd been a founder member of Dion and The Belmonts, with whom he sang, bass and drummed. As such he was on the poorly orfanized ill-fated tour during which Buddy Holly was killed in February 1959 (it has been reported that the bus they usually travelled on was so cold that Mastrangelo had to light newspapers in the aisle for woarmth). Dion later recalled that Holly was so impressed by  Mastrangelo's drumming that he'd offered him twice what he was being paid to defect to him.

After the Belmonts split in 1963, Mastrangelo recorded a few solo 45s on Laurie, the worked with bands named The Demilles and Carlo's Crown Jewel (who issued a 45 on Tower later in the decade). 

Pulse are through to have been intially called Endless Pulse, and had a hard rock sound far removed from the Belmonts' doo-woop ballads. The quartet consisted of Mastrangelo Vovals, Drums, Richie Goggin Guitars, Vocals, Kenny Sambolin Bass, Vocals and Chris Gentile Organ, though Bill Golden also contributed some Keyboard parts.

Their sole LP was recorded in New York late in 1971, and its producer was the legendary Orrin Keepnews (who'd been responsible for jazz classics by Bill Evans, Thelonius Monk, Wes Montgomery and many others.) Issued on the tiny Thimble label in the spring of 1972, it sank like a stone, through it stands up well today.

The band issued no further recordings, though Sambolin is known to have continued in the music industry, penning for Mahogany Rush in the early '80's, while Mastrangelo currently lives in West Palm Beach Florida, and continues to play Drums.
CD Liners-notes

1.Understanding - 6:05
2.Peace I - 1:11
3.I Want To Live - 4:43
4.I’ll Cry Tomorrow - 6:45
5.Why Can’t She See Me? - 3:54
6.Peace II - 1:11
7.She’s Coming Home - 3:06
8.Break Of Day - 4:29
9.Long Ago - 6:32
10.Peace III - 1:07

*Carlo Mastrangelo - Vocals, Drums
*Richie Goggin - Guitars, Vocals
*Kenny Sambolin - Bass, Vocals
*Chris Gentile - Organ
*Bill Golden - Keyboards

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Anonymous said...

Can`t believe no comments yet!
Amazing iconic album!
Thanks M.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this one. I've never heard of it, never would have heard of it, and now can't wait to hear it.


kobilica said...

Pure energy with irresistible groves.Thank you "MARIOS" for such albums...

Anonymous said...

I know Carlo since 1969. In a club called Dominico's in the Bronx on Esstchester Road is where the Endless Pulse was born. Carlo was a very talented musician on both vocals & drums. Just never got that one big break he truly deserved. He remains good friends with Dion until today. Michael G.

Unknown said...

listening to it right now, good record

LBMambo said...

I was friends with guitarist Richie Goggin for many years. He played me this album in the late 80s and I thought it was fantastic. Richie has passed but his music lives on.

Alexandre Alves said...

The bass player and the drummer are very good.