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Monday, May 12, 2014

Five Man Electrical Band - Half Past Midnight / The Staccatos And Beyond (1966-69 canada, fabulous sunny folk beat psych)

Five Man Electrical Band
1. Five Man Electrical Band - 3:21
2. Last Time I Saw Memphis - 3:30
3. Private Train - 2:21
4. Half Past Midnight - 2:25
5. You're Gonna Lose That Girl (Lennon, McCartney) - 2:17
6. Maple Lane - 3:02
7. Black Sheep Of The Family - 2:26
8. Fancy Dancin' Man (Bonnet, Gordon) - 2:28
9. We Go Together Well - 2:25
10.Hi Didn't Know The Time - 2:28
11.Running Back - 2:32
The Staccatos
12.Catch The Love Parade - 2:40
13.Whisper Words - 2:37
14.Let's Run Away - 2:25
15.Face To Face (With Love) - 2:17
16.Walker Street - 2:50
17.Super Girl - 2:17
18.She Fancies Herself A Lady - 2:43
19.Weather Man - 1:49
20.Half Past Midnight  (Mono 45) - 2:12
All songs written by Les Emmerson except where noted.

Five Man Electrical Band
*Ted Gerow - Keyboards
*Brian Rading - Bass
*Rick 'Bell' Belanger - Drums
*Les Emmerson - Vocals, Guitar
*Mike 'Bell' Belanger - 2nd Drums

The Staccatos
*Vern Craig - Vocals, Guitar
*Brian Rading - Bass
*Rick 'Bell' Belanger - Drums
*Les Emmerson - Vocals, Guitar
*Mike 'Bell' Belanger - 2nd Drums

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echoes said...

Sorry, too pop-ish for my taste.
But others, enjoy!!!

peraberg said...

Thanks. Nice band

mclehast said...

This album bring to me the joy and mood.Thanks!

mscmichael said...

Thanks very much...

Steve Stanley said...

Please take down this link (and my liner notes) or expect legal action from Universal Music.

Now Sounds

Marios said...

Links and Text removed.