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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Plain Jane - Plain Jane (1969 us, fabulous country folk rock with sunny psych tinges)

Recorded at Hollywood's I.D. Sound Studios with Les Brown Jr. handling the production duties, 1969's "Plain Jane" was nothing short of fabulous.  Featuring ten original tracks with all four members contributing material, the album showcased a mesmerizing blend of late-1960s country-rock, pop, and psych influences. Full of killer songs and breath-taking, slightly stoned vocals, this overlooked gem spent weeks on my CD carousel.  

Hard to pick standouts since all ten tracks were worth hearing, but the opener 'Who's Drivin' This Train' sounded like Arlo Gurthrie and the Grateful Dead having graduated from the John Philips top-40 songwriting academy, while 'Not the Sam' combined CSN&Y vocal harmonies with some ballistic drumming and a cool psych feel.   If I had any complaints, it was that these guys lacked a distinctive sound of their own, though in borrowing bits and pieces from other groups they came up with a wonderful aural stew. 

They also created one of those albums that was a blast to crank up and play spot-the-influences. Okay, I'll add that 'Num-Bird' was too country-flavored for my tastes.   'You Can't Make It Alone' was what post-Monkees Michael Nesmith always yearned to sound like.  'That's How Much' sported an odd mock-English feel - hum, kinda' what Davy Jones always wanted to sound like ...  'Short Fairy Tale' added some tasty jazzy guitar licks to the mix.  And that was just side one.    All hyperbole aside this is a classic lost album just waiting to be discovered !!!  

1. Who's Drivin' This Train? (Barry Ray) - 2:57
2. You Can't Make It Alone (Jerry Schoenfeld) - 4:10
3. That's How Much (Don Gleicher) - 2:10
4. Short Fairy Tale (Don Gleicher) - 2:12
5. Not The Same (Jerry Schoenfeld) - 4:21
6. Num-Bird (Barry Ray) - 2:58
7. What Can You Do? (Jerry Schoenfeld) - 2:35
8. Fire Hydrant (Barry Ray) - 3:26
9. Silence (Don Gleicher) - 2:37
10. Mrs. Que (Barry Ray) - 3:37

Plain Jane
*Barry Ray - Guitar, Vocals
*Don Gleicher - Guitar, Vocals
*David Schoenfeld - Drums
*Jerry Schoenfeld - Bass, Piano, Vocals

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kobilica said...

Wonderful record from that time..

R.A.M.'67 said...

Not bad!

It also bears mentioning Les Brown, Jr. may be better known to some as a member of the "Mosquitos" rock group from a classic episode of Gilligan's Island.

Anonymous said...

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Thanks too muichb

john said...

I'm a sucker for folk rock. If you say it's good. It's a must have. Thank You.

FLAVIOLA said...

pleasure to test ride your great shares!