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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Various Artists - Fading Yellow Volume 14 (1967-73 spain, popsike and other delights)

Delicate and sunshiney softsike, and the series steps into a whole new territory: Spain. In recent years there's been a few releases excavating the orchestral side of Spanish 60s music, but Madrid and co. are still mostly known for Rand B swagger, with horns turning up everywhere. These singles have great strings and choral work, with a few choice covers (Simon and Garfunkel, the UK songsmith team Bickerton and Waddington, and even John Pantry).

Artists - Tracks
1. Los Iberos - Fantastic Girl - 2:57
2. Los Mustang - Suspira La Nia - 3:02
3. Modulos - Ya No Me Quieres - 3:03
4. Amores - Ana - 3:37
5. Los Pasos - Yo Fu El Mejor - 3:12
6. Mocedades - Esta Noche Ha Llovido - 3:28
7. Los 5 Musicales - Feria De Scarborough - 2:47
8. Pic-Nic - You Heard My Voice - 2:17
9. Nuevos Horizontes - Tio Vivo - 2:50
10.Isasi - Cantandole Al Viento - 2:38
11.Las Cuatro Monedas - Mira De Frente - 2:36
12.Los Sirex - Eva - 2:25
13.Los Mitos - Cuando Vuelvas - 3:08
14.Albert Band - En Sueos -  3:07
15.Los Iberos - Back In Time - 2:38
16.Pic Nic - Hush Little Baby - 3:27
17.Los Iberos - Nightime - 2:52

Fading Yellow series..
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1966-74  Fading Yellow Vol.15

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Artemus Peabody von Ulm said...

thanks, you make my day. i'm look for this for a loooong time.

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Hajul Ellah said...

this is one of those music blog moments when acquiring this here is a matter of life and death. thanks Cor and Marios.

michael vee said...

muchas gracias !

Anonymous said...

password different?

kory said...

Thanks so much for uploading this series! Unfortunately the password for the flac archive of this volume isn't correct, but for the mp3 archive it works fine.