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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tandyn Almer - Along Comes Tandyn (1966 us, impressive sunny psych folk, 2013 digipack release)

We recently lost another unsung genius from the cracks and crevices of 60s pop/psych. Tandyn Almer, who sadly passed in early 2013, would never become a household name, but you’ve definitely heard his work. Penning major tunes like “Along Comes Mary” for the Association, “Sail on Sailor” and “Marcella” for the Beach Boys, and countless other psych-tinged gems, Almer left behind a distinguished trail of well-crafted compositions. Luckily, and ironically (as I’m sure he would have enjoyed to see its official release), we have gained a new trove of lost work in Along Comes Tandyn, a collection of Almer’s demos from 1965-1966.

Originally written and recorded for Davon music, a small number of acetates labeled “The New Songs of Tandyn Almer” was circulated in order to shop his tunes to other recording artists. While some acts like The Sure Cure and Curt Boettcher’s The Ballroom took the bait, most of these tracks have remained unheard. The sound is definitely demo quality (all the better), the band generally led by a clangy electric guitar and sprinkled with bits of piano and harpsichord. 

The vocals soar with typical 60s harmony, the lyrics quite often along the same vein. You can tell Almer was a real musician’s musician, his tunes never compromise, always taking an unexpected turn and often for something quite complicated. Take a listen to the surprisingly hip “Everytime I Take You Back To Me” and just try to follow the changes; or check the classical piano work on “There’s Gotta Be a Way.” Even “Along Comes Mary” (not included here) ducks and weaves at every chance, delivering it’s punch where you’d least expect it.

Some of Almer’s other happenings of note include an interview in Leonard Bernstein’s Inside Pop – The Rock Revolution (a “serious” investigation into pop’s emergence as an art form), as well as a short-lived best friendship with Brian Wilson, allegedly ending in an enstranging three-way.  While not exactly loaded with clear winners (Face Down in the Mud” is a downright weirdo blues offering that would sound at home on FZ’s Only in it for the Money and some tracks sound a bit like psychedelic filler). 

Along Comes Tandyn is still an excellent comp of lost pop-psych with a satisfying garage sound. Essential for fans of complex pop, the full package includes excellent liners (with lots of information provided by Tandyn himself) and will turn anyone into a hardcore Tandyn fan. Count me a Fandyn.
by Brendan McGrath

1. Find Yourself - 2:44
2. You Turn Me Around - 2:20
3. Anything You Want (T. Almer, G. Mekler) - 3:45
4. About Where Love Is - 2:11
5. Everytime I Take You Back To Me - 2:08
6. There’s Gotta Be A Way - 2:43
7. Alice Designs - 3:39
8. Face Down In The Mud - 4:09
9. Where Will They Go - 4:34
10.Escape - 3:27
11.Victims of Chance - 3:34
12.Bring Your Own Self Down (The Purple Gang) - 2:48
13.I Get High - 3:21
14.Menagerie of Man - 2:15
15.Sunset Strip Soliloquy - 4:05
Words and Music by Tandyn Almer unless otherwise stated.

*Tandyn Almer - Vocals, Piano

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  1. Yay! I heard this at my friend's house and thought it quite good, too bad just demos, very good songwriting. Thanks!! :D :D :D

  2. Wow, his vocals & composition style sound scarily like Pete Townshend's, circa the same time period. Nice surprise, thanks.

  3. Thank you for sharing this rare and unheard of gem. More power to this blog!

  4. Thank you very much for this and for all. All the best.

  5. Thanks a lot I asked to you this record many days ago. THANKSSSSSSSSSS

  6. i had some problems with Along Comes Tandyn..after i downloaded this title and then extracted it i found that you had to use a cue splitter to seperate all 15 songs..the problem is that after using a cue splitter all you get are parts of 2 or 3 songs instead of all 15 songs..something seems to be wrong when you use the cue splitter..has anyone else had the same problem and what advise can spomeone give me in regard to what is happening here?? ive used a cue splitter on many titles here on rockasteria and it worked just fine so im surprised there is a problem with this title!

  7. Thanks for posting this rare '60's lost relic.

  8. @pumma4:
    same thing with me. Whener I used a cue splitter I never had any problems. I tried twice but same result: in fact I only got track 1 and it DOES NOT PLAY...
    The one long extracted file does that you get with the download does.

  9. as a follow up to my previous post i should mention that this problem doesnt seem to be happening if you download this file in the mp3 format..its only a problem when you download the flac file..that is because you only need a cue splitter with flac need with mp3 guessing that the other posts that do not mention any issues downloading this file are because they downloaded in the mp3 format and not the if you download this title in the flac format you are not gonna get all 15 songs..

  10. @pumma4,

    you do get the 15 songs but in just one single file lasting 47 mins +
    and somehow I can't use my cue splitter...I'm not technical enough, but I never had that problem before.
    Listening to it right now, quite cool, I dig it! :)

  11. but who wants 15 songs in 1 single file? when i said that you dont get 15 songs i meant that after you use the cue splitter ur not getting 15 listed doesnt seem to work on this if you wanna listen to this album you really have to listen to the whole album from start to finish..its difficult to hear just the songs you like..

  12. A 47 minute Flac file would not be 450mb. So something is wrong here. This may be a wave file but may not have been encoded correctly.

  13. Oh, sorry, it is FLAC, but its 24/48. I wonder if this is causing the problems.

  14. When I click on this particular link page (3 times now) I get a Threat Detected warning.. thought I'd mention it since I never usually get these warnings with links here.

  15. Ι just tried it, nothing happened

  16. Its fine on mp3 and I have to admit, I'm blown away with these...wish he made other albums as they would sure be as good as this....thanks for the share....much appreciated....cheers.

  17. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing such lost sounds xxx

  18. winston smith, "Tandyn Almer - Along Comes Tandyn", reposted..