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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Painter - Painter (1973 canada, stunning hard classic rock, Vinyl issue and Wounded Bird edition)

After one album in 1969 and one subsequent single with minimal success, 49th Parallel packed it in a year later, and from the ashes rose guitarist Danny Lowe's new project, Painter.

Based out of Edmonton and with a reformed lineup that consisted of Doran Beattie on vocals, Royden Morice on bass and drummer Bob "Herb" Ego (formerly of Witness Inc), they played the local bar scene while writing their own material, blending light rock with a harder edge (if that makes sense), crossed with ballads and was held together with tight hooks and singable lyrics.

They caught the attention of London Records executives, who shipped them off to San Francisco's Wally Heider Studio in the summer of 1971. The single "Country Man" was released later that year to little fanfare. After switching to Molten Records (owned by Randy Bachman), they released another single later that year, "Daybreak," but again couldn't help but feel disappointed with the response.

After moving to Seattle, they augmented their sound with Barry Allen (also ex of Wes Dakus & The Rebels) as a second guitarist, and agreed to be managed by Bob Zimmerman, who got them a deal with Elektra Records. They travelled back to San Francisco, as well as Seattle's Kaye-Smith Studio, and put their abundance of material they'd written on tape. The result was their self-titled debut album in September of '73. With Jim Gaines serving as co-producer with the band and engineer, "West Coast Woman" was released as the first single and the band had its first Top 20 song.

Before long they were on the road, headlining shows at LA's famed Whiskey A Go Go, backing up KISS, Jethro Tull, Canned Heat, Rod Stewart, and Steely Dan, among others. They were also featured on the nationally syndicated "King Biscuit Flower Hour" radio program while in New York. It was while in the Big Apple that they co-wrote a couple of tracks with Frank Zappa while backstage one night, "That's When I Knew It Was Love" was played on stage later that night for the first and only time.

But when the follow-up singles "Going Home To Rock" and "Song For Sunshine" in '74 both failed to make an impression, Elektra lost interest and dropped the group. Allen left the group soon after, shortly before the band pulled the plug.

Lowe, Beattie, Ego and Morice would team up again to form Hammersmith shortly after. But before the first of two albums for Mercury Records were on the shelves, Ego was gone, who went on to join Streetheart. He also become a studio musician and session player for various artists, including 451 Degrees, Mavis McCauley, and Paul Hann, among others. Allen hung up the guitar and put on a managerial hat, and took a number of groups under his wing, including Hammersmith. 

1. West Coast Woman - 2:50
2. Tell Me Why - 2:05
3. Song For Sunshine - 3:05
4. Goin Home To Rock N Roll - 3:02
5. Space Truck - 2:39
6. Kites And Gliders - 3:47
7. Only You - 2:25
8. Slave Driver - 3:04
9. For You - 3:59
10.Crazy Feeling - 2:45
11.Goin Down The Road - 8:47

*Danny Lowe - Lead Guitar
*Doran Beattie - Lead Vocals
*Wayne Morice - Bass, Vocals
*Barry Allen - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
*Bob Ego - Drums

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  1. Great rock album.Many thanks for it...


  3. Great one and only LP by this early 70s band from Calgary Alberta Canada. They were formed from the ashes of a 60s psych band called 'The 49th Parallel, also from Calgary. Painter's music was heavy rock, in the style of BTO or April Wine, and played just as well I might add. The band released a couple of 7-inch singles between 1971 and 1972, and during this time managed to score a deal with Elektra Records. The self-titled debut released in 1973 was recorded over the border in Seattle Washington. "West Coast Woman " is the highlight and reached the top 20 in Canada in 1973. I also love it that Painter's singer says "Guitar!" before a guitar solo. Always an endearing quality Yeah, I pretty much can't stop listening to this. Good choice!

    Many thanks for sharing Laurent,and also thanks Marios for placing your this on your blog. Rock On!

  4. Great stuff, you also need the Hammersmith albums that followed this (2).
    Unfortunately this release by WB was mastered using MP3 files. See my review of this on Amazon US. Wounded Bird deleted this from their catalog shortly after I wrote them with included Audiochecker and Tau logs. A vinyl rip is the way to go here.

  5. Thank you Lamz, I really appreciate it,
    although I do not always trust these audio analyzers, (I'm not saying you are wrong),
    a lossless copy vinyl is always welcome.

  6. @Lamz: I have read your Amazon review before purchasing this cd, but in my opinion this is better than nothing. Strangely, the original vinyl in a mint condition is not easy to find, perhaps you can share us your lossless vinyl copy for compare?.
    Thanks in advance.
    PS: Also, this is not the first original cd "supposed to be mp3" that I possess.

  7. My ears can hear the "tinny" sound of MP3 mastered factory discs. I busted Renaissance Records and ItsAboutMusic for selling MP3 based factory CD. I have the emails from ItsAboutMusic to prove this as the owner admitted to the same. Renaissance Records sent me several free discs for exposing their partner. I would be glad to send my vinyl rips of Painter and the Hammersmith (both) but have no idea how to do that I am not a member of these file sharing services except for Pando which is free, contact me, not that hard to figure out. lamz633

  8. Hi Lamz,
    Painter and Hammersmith albums can be send through Pando, I need your e-mail to contact with you.
    Thank you.

  9. Thanx to Lamz,
    a vinyl lossless edition added.

  10. Can you please post a new link for the vinyl rip? Thanks.

  11. .....Painter...Vinyl...Added.....