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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Linn County - 'Till The Break Of Dawn (1970 us, awesome psych blues rock, original vinyl release)

Linn County were formed in Iowa, round 1967. They moved to San Francisco prior to recording their first album in 1968.

The third and last Linn County LP, came out in 1970. Their sound follows the steps from their previous release, tasty psychedelic blues with slices of soul, and bit more mature essence. Though the band had slightly changed it's name by the time this LP was released.

They split up in 1970. A solo album released by band member Stephen Miller the same year included 4 tracks recorded by the final Linn County line-up.

1. Tell The Truth (R. Charles) - 5:02
2. Monkey Man (Stephen Miller) - 3:38
3. TV Free (Stephen Miller) - 3:10
4. Wine Take Me Away (T. Collins, M. Haggard) - 3:00
5. Next Time You See Me (Forest, Harvey) - 4:21
6. Let The Music Begin (Stephen Miller) - 3:03
7. Black Nights (Legenross) - 4:52
8. Further On Up The Road (Veasey, Robey) - 2:19
9. Boogie Chillun (J. L. Hooker) - 8:41
10.'Till The Break Of Dawn (Stephen Miller) - 1:48

 *Stephen Miller - Organ, Vocals
 *Larry Easter - Saxophone, Flute
 *Dino Long - Bass
 *Clark Pierson - Drums
 *Fred Walk - Guitar, Sitar

more Linn County releases
1968 Proud Flesh Soothseer
1969 Fever Shot 

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kobilica said...

Many thanks again for all LINN COUNTY albums.

guinea pig said...

Thanks. Let,s buggy all year LONG.

DanP said...

Marios, many thanks, I'm very happy to see this because I've been enjoying Proud Flesh Soothseer &
Fever Shot very much.