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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chain - Live (1969-70 aussie, extraordinary blues rock with experimental mood, 2010 Aztec remaster)

If there is one Australian band that deserves the oft-overused adjective "legendary", then that band would be Chain. As has been stated many times, the name Chain is synonymous with blues of the highest order and integrity. Originally formed in 1968, and except for a gap between 1974 and 1982, the band has continued in one form or another to this day. 

The five key figures in the saga of Chain are Warren Morgan, Phil Manning, Matt Taylor, the late Barry 'Big Goose' Sullivan and Barry 'Little Goose' Harvey but there have been numerous musicians who have passed through the ranks. Morgan, Manning and Taylor each assumed leadership at one lime or another, with the two Gooses comprising the best rhythm section the band has ever known. Inevitably, at any given time the fundamental nature of Chain has been shaped by the particular musicians present. Still, with all the comings and goings, there is one thing of which we can be sure: Chain "the whole" will always be greater than the sum of its parts. 

This portion of the story covers the years 1968 up to the end of 1970, the period preceding the release of thc landmark Australian blues album Toward The Blues and thc enduring hit single 'Black and Blue”. Specifically, we'll focus on the Live Chain version of the band, headed by Morgan and Manning. This is thc first reissue of the album since its original release (Festival SFL-933926) in October 1970. With three bonus tracks added for good measure it makes for compelling listening.

1. The World is Wailing (Morgan, Manning, Sullivan, Harvey) -12:11
2. Black and White (Warren Morgan) -12:30
3. Pilgrimage (Harvey, Sullivan, Mason, Morgan, Manning) - 8:40
4. Gen rude Street Blues (Phil Manning) - 6:01
5. Chaser (Sullivan, Mason, Harvey, Morgan, Manning) - 7:13
6. On The Road Again (Glyn Mason) - 4:34
7. Show Me Home (Phil Manning) - 3:27
8. Mr. Time (Warren Morgan) - 4:55
Tracks 1-6 recorded  live at Caesar's Palace, Sydney. July 1970
Tracks 7 and 8 Single Festival FK-3331, October 1969

*Phil Manning - Guitar, Vocals
*Warren Morgan - Electric, Acoustic Piano, Vocals
*Glyn Mason - Guitar, Vocals
*Barry 'Big Goose' Sullivan - Bass
*Barry 'Little Goose' Harvey - Drums
*Tim Piper - Bass (Tracks 7 and 8)
*Claude Papesch - Organ (Tracks 7 and 8)
*Ace Follington - Drums (Tracks 7 and 8)

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1971  Toward The Blues
1973  Two Of A Kind

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  1. I have the "Live again" on LP (1972, Festival Infinity SINL 934568) but not this one. After verification, not the same tracks, so unlike to what i thought this is not the same album.
    I will taste it, Thanks again Hotroder and Marios.

  2. Many thanx, Hotroder and Marios !!

  3. This is simply a great album.Thanks...

  4. So, another proof that there were playing a very good music down there, too.

  5. Chain is one of the very few true-good Australian blues-rock bands. Thank you.

  6. thanks Hotroder and Marios.

  7. could this be re uped as well? thanks