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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Various Artists - Fading Yellow Vol.10 (60-70's worldwide, the better side pop-sike and other delights)

After a lengthy absence FY is back with a lush chorus of “Huzzah’s” and a blizzard of scented rose petals (faded, naturally). “No Elvis, no Beatles, no Rolling Stones.” OK, that’s from a Clash song, but the principle applies here too – albeit from the opposite direction – because here we have a parallel pop dimension in which it appears that every musician aspired to be… Justin Hayward! Just listen to Candle’s ‘Matthew, Little Man’ or Gerry Morris’ ‘When It Comes To Love’ for proof. That catch-in-the-throat, yearning yet soothing vocal style; always calm and assured even when apparently in the depths of despair.

Standards are tip-top from the second that the electric sitar/sweet ’n’ sour strings combo of Ted Mulry’s ‘Remember Me’ oozes from the speakers, but extra Michelin stars should be awarded to Ronnie Bird’s Mick Jones/Tommy Brown-produced ballad ‘De L’Autre Cote Du Miroir’, Gallic folk giant Antoine’s post-Apocalyptic ‘Where Did Everyone Go To?’ and Aussie group The Strangers (featuring John Farrar of Marvin, Welch &…), who turn in a gorgeous ‘Take The Time’. 

Oh, and Paul King of Mungo Jerry infamy (now re-named P Rufus King) finally atones for blowing that damned jug on ‘In The Summertime’ with the slightly skewed but completely wonderful ‘Nobody Knows’. Mustn’t forget the splendid Robin Gibb-isms of ‘Welcome To My House’ by Volendam’s very own Leftside either.

So, if turning it up to 11 strikes you as being tantamount to treason then here are 24 more slices of heaven just for you. Anyone suspecting that FY could be running out of steam can rest assured, there’s no drop in standards here. Better grab it fast.
by Mick Capewell

Just been playing the latest FY volume and I must say even though they are all good, I think it is the best volume since Vol.1. The first four tracks make a really strong start; Ted Mulry’s ‘Remember Me’ a geat electric sitar number, Explicit Souls ‘Rebecca’s Shop’ (from a Swedish sampler album) is all harmony, Wilfred’s ‘Candle In The Wind’ (no, not that one), is a really good UK surprise. and Dutch band OPMC’s ‘Love Song For Diana’ are really strong attention grabbers. Gerry Morris’s ‘When It Comes To Love’ is from his scarce LP and I would really love to hear that now after this - anyone got it??.

Two Swedish songs that are really catchy, just because they are so repetitive and melodic are Darling’s ‘Smiling’ and Bengt & Pontus’s ‘Don’t You Hear Me’ and There’s plenty of other great stuff here and only a one or two I’ve heard before. Already on my MP3 player I’m grooving in my head like a Summer’s day despite the Arctic conditions in Britain at the moment. This is great! 
by Paul Martin

Artists - Tracks
1. Ted Mulry - Remember Me - 4:01
2. Explicit Souls - Rebecca's Shop - 3:17
3. Wilfred - Candle In The Wind - 3:28
4. O.P.M.C. - Love Song For Diane - 3:06
5. Twilights, The - It's Dark - 1:55
6. Freedom - The Better Side - 4:35
7. Ola And The Janglers - Oh What A Lovely Day - 3:17
8. Gerry Morris - When It Comes To Love - 3:00
9. P. Rufus King - Nobody Knows - 3:33
10.Candle - Matthew, Little Man - 3:02
11.Antoine - Where Did Everyone Go To? - 3:01
12.Greenfield And Cook - A Day Begins - 2:18
13.Dave Berry - I'm Gonna Take You There - 2:30
14.Los Angeles - Please Believe Me - 2:34
15.Scott Harris - Morning Sun - 2:20
16.Darling - Smiling - 2:39
17.Ronnie Bird - De L'Autre Cote Du Miroir - 3:03
18.Leftside - Welcome To My House - 2:53
19.Bengt And Pontus - Didn't You Hear Me - 2:38
20.Lee Kings - Coming From The Ground - 2:36
21.Countdown - Georgia - 3:00
22.Strangers - Take The Time - 3:02
23.John O'Hara And His Playboys - Sister Rae - 3:56
24.Saft - Albertine Hall - 3:46

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  4. Marios, thanks for vol. 10.
    It's great that you also found a video performance of one of the obscure tracks on this comp.

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  12. winston smith, "Fading Yellow" volumes 6-10 reposted..