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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mogul Thrash - Mogul Thrash (1970 uk, splendid progressive jazz brass rock, korean release)

British jazz-rock super-group Mogul Thrash evolved from James Litherland's Brotherhood, which in addition to guitarist Litherland (an alumnus of Colosseum who formed the group in 1969) also featured guitarist/reedist Michael Rosen, drummer Bill Harrison and the so-called "Dundee Horns" -- saxophonists Roger Ball and Malcolm Duncan.

With the addition of ex-Splinter singer/bassist John Wetton, the group rechristened itself Mogul Thrash, debuting in 1970 with the single "Sleeping in the Kitchen"; their self-titled RCA album appeared the following year, going largely unnoticed at home but finding favor throughout much of Europe.

However, faced with legal problems with their management, Mogul Thrash was forced to disband shortly after the record's release; while Wetton went on to join Family and later King Crimson, Duncan and Ball soon reunited in Average White Band.
by Jason Ankeny

1. Something Sad - 7:36
2. Elegy - 9:36
3. Dreams of Glass and Sand - 5:09
4. Going North, Going West - 12:01
5. St. Peter - 3:39
6. What's This I Hear - 7:13
7. Sleeping in the Kitchen - 2:45
"Sleeping in the Kitchen" was not on album but released as a single.

Mogul Thrash
*James Litherland - Guitar, Vocal
*John Wetton - Bass, Guitar, Vocal
*Bill Harrison - Drums
*Malcolm Duncan - Tenor Saxophone
*Michael Rosen - Trumpet, Mellophone, Guitar
*Roger Ball - Alto, Baritone, Saprano Saxophones
Guest Musician
*Brian Auger - Piano (at St. Peter)

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