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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Guess Who - Shakin' All Over / Hey Ho (What You Do To Me) / It's Time (1965-66 canada, incredible garage beat roots 'n' roll)

Aside from the magical garage rock classic Shakin' All Over by The Guess Who, the other thirty one gems that make up this wonderful new collection are probably being heard for the very first time by many of their fans.In 1965, when the first rudiments of this superstar act were just beginning to soar into the American and Canadian charts with the smash single Shakin' All Over, three Canadian only released albums would follow over the next few years.Friday Music is proud to be issuing these fantastic three albums on one new compact disc for the first time anywhere for your listening pleasure.

Their debut album Shakin' All Over includes some of the finest musicianship to ever be recorded in their homeland of Canada.Other tracks like I've Been Away and Like I Love You make this first effort a memorable one.A very pleasing half hour of Canadian Rock 60s style that has stood the test of time.Even to this day, The Guess Who still perform the title track in concert.

Hey Ho (What You Do To Me) continues The Guess Who's sojourn with an almost English Invasion approach, which works extremely well on songs like the harmonica laden I Should Have Realized and Randy Bachman's stellar instrumental Made In England.A nicely balanced album with a surprising rendition of Bruce Johnston's five star ballad Don't Be Scared.Rescued from vinyl oblivion, Bachman's remastering job really shines on this second effort.

A real find in this collection is the Canadian garage band classic It's Time.This amazing third chapter from this superstar band also introduced the world to the great voice of Burton Cummings.Along with founders Randy Bachman on guitar, the ever talented Jim Kale on bass and jazz rock drum style of Gary Peterson, these four gentlemen delivered some of the finest tunes ever with tracks like One Day, the bluesy Clock On The Wall and the chain gang rock of Seven Long Days.Never released on vinyl in the States, this newly remastered version should make a lot of Guess Who fans rejoice.

Shakin' All Over/Hey Ho (What You Do To Me)/It's Time were three definitive rocking chapters in the legendary career of The Guess Who.These recordings reveal a snapshot in Canadian musical history, never to be repeated again by anyone, but to be emulated by many.Their music is played on every classic rock and oldies station in the world, and fortunately for all of us, they continue to thrill crowds with their shopping list of number ones from multi-platinum albums recorded over the years.Now, you have your own eighty minute concert to enjoy courtesy of The Guess Who.
CD Liner-notes

Shakin' All Over
1. Shakin' All Over - 2:43
2. Like I love You - 1:59
3. Till We Kissed (Where Have You Been) - 2:37
4. Shy Guy - 2:27
5. Shot Of Rhytmn' Blues - 2:07
6. I Want You To Love Me - 2:20
7. I'd Rather Be Alone - 2:10
8. I've Been Away - 2:09
9. Tuff E Nuff - 2:34
10.Turn Around And Walk Away - 2:30
Hey Ho (What You Do To Me)
11.Hey Ho - 2:09
12.Should Have realized - 2:05
13.Hurting Each Other - 2:16
14.Made in England - 3:01
15.I'll Keep Comin' Back - 1:53
16.Stop Teasing Me - 2:35
17.Could This Be Love - 2:08
18.Theme From A Musicbox - 2:13
19.Don't Be Scared - 2:12
20.Goodnight Goodnight - 2:31
It's Time
21.Alright - 2:21
22.And She's Mine - 2:40
23.As - 2:23
24.You Know He Did - 2:03
25.Baby Feelin' - 2:00
26.Clock On The Wall - 3:01
27.Don't Act So Bad - 3:09
28.Believe Me - 2:53
29.Seven Long Years - 2:46
30.One Day - 2:01
31.Gonna Search - 2:27
32.Guess I'll Find A Place - 2:24

The Guess Who
*Randy Bachman - Guitar
*Burton Cummings - Vocals,
*Jim Kale - Guitar Bass,
*Garry Peterson - Drums

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Anonymous said...

This is trully fantastic!

dadfred said...

WOW! Great share Marios.... this is a find! Thanx again

Smokee Monkee said...

I wanted this just to get "Shakin' All Over". I have to admit that when I first heard this as a little kid I actually thought for a minute that the "Guess Who?" was the Beatles, especially due to the way the DJ said it when he introduced the record.
The rest of the stuff is OK, not great but not too bad either, kinda Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas/Gerry & the Pacemakers type Beatles wannabe quality...but man, that Randy Bachman, he made it almost all interesting!

Anonymous said...

8/19/13 Wrote:
While these are some of the best pre-"These Eyes" Guess Who songs collected on a single Cd, many of which the Americans missed out on (except for "Shakin' All Over"),you did leave out two important early members of The Guess Who's line-up personnel: Original Leader & founder Chad Allan (1959-Spring 1966) & original pianist/organist Bob Ashley (1959-December 1965). Both of these early members were key in the "Shakin' All Over" perod, before Burton Cummings stepped in to replace both Allan & Ashley on keyboards & lead vocals, and Randy Bachman moved from 2nd in command (behind Allan) to group leader, and were both involved in the early years of The Guess Who from 1959-65 when they were still known in Canada as The Silvertones & then Chad Allan & The Expressions. The "Guess Who" monicker was finally adopted in 1965 by their Canadian record label (Quality Records) when they sent out advanced copies of "Shakin' All Over" to DJ's in Canada as an answer to the popularity of the British bands, especially The Who. Bob Ashley quit in December 1965 after a particularly dreadful British tour that left him homesick for his native Canada, while Chad Allan left around Spring 1966 to go back to college for a degree. This was when Burton Cummings took over as lead voice/ keyboardist.

Anonymous said...

thank you but the pass only only releases half the pinata!!

LuGer Wolf said...


Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

Hi Marios.. Found it here.. It's the third part of these retrospectives includes
Chad Allen and the Xpressions .. I remember seeing posters for them back in, maybe '65?
If you still have it, can you reup? Regards !

Marios said...

Doc, Guess Who is Shakin' it All Over

Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

OK thank you ever so much.. Time to give it a rest and do some serious listening!