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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chilliwack - Chilliwack II (1971 canada, sensational 2nd album, psych prog experimental rock)

A few words about the Music. Our objective in the studio was to create as much life into the music as we could. Side one contains songs we hope are suitable for AM play. "Changing Reels" on side two is a long sectional composition. The lead vocals in the last section are improvations, and the song was written around them afterwards.

"Music For A Quiet Time" was performed by Bi;ll and Claire  sitting in an echo chamber for a couple of hours. "Night Morning" is the rewsult os a studio full of intruments and microphones set up to record any gree-form music we might want to play.

Ross sat at the organ and started to play sounds with hands, head and elbows. Bill and Claire joined in with piano, flute and vocals, and the piece grew from there. We hope there is something here for  you.
Chilliwack 1971

1. Lonesome Mary (Bill Henderson) - 2:59
2. Eat (Bill Henderson) - 3:13
3. Rosie (Claire Lawrence, Bill Henderson) - 5:00
4. Ridin'  (Claire Lawrence, Bill Henderson) - 3:00
5. Ride-Out (Bill Henderson) - 4:51
6. Always (Bill Henderson) - 2:22
7. Changing Reels (Claire Lawrence, Bill Henderson) - 13:38
8. Music for a Quiet Time / Shine (Claire Lawrence, Bill Henderson) - 5:30
9. Claps, Chants (Claire Lawrence, Bill Henderson) - 2:37
10.Whistle, Flute Pads (Claire Lawrence, Bill Henderson) - 2:09
11.Antiphony (Claire Lawrence, Bill Henderson) - 5:29
12.Traveling Music (Claire Lawrence, Bill Henderson) - 0:53
13.Sleep Music (Claire Lawrence, Bill Henderson) - 2:08
14.Night Morning (Claire Lawrence, Bill Henderson, Ross Turney) - 14:47

*Bill Henderson - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
*Claire Lawrence - Flute, Bass, Organ, Saxophone, Vocals
*Ross Turney - Drums, Organ On "Night-Morning"

1970  Chilliwack
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  1. Great album by a great Canadian Band. Saw them around the time of this album...unfortunately they had to follow Deep Purple onto stage (on the In Rock tour!

  2. Thanks,great album good to see it
    in looseless.

  3. Hi, Any chance for a re-up of this mp3@320?

  4. Bill, mp3 links are working pretty fine..