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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Faine Jade - Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital (1968 us, wonderful trippy psychedelia, 25th anniversary silver series edition with bonus tracks)

One of the highly collectable LPs of the 1960s, Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital .  The Introspection LP comprises 10 songs that make up a minimalist psychedelic masterpiece. Using a few overdubs, the recording relies on the five-piece instrumental lineup behind Jade's decidedly Anglicized Long Island accent. 

The opening "Doctor Paul Overture" sets the stage for an album bursting with curiously of-center British-influenced psychedelic pop. "People Play Games" reveals Jade's hippie-era lyricism magic lanterns, scarlet scissors, and crystal cornucopia, while its percussive intro and jungle play-out suggests The Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows." "Ballad Of The Bad Guys" has a garage attack that benefits its title; A Brand New Groove" features a guitar riff that could have worked for the Rolling Stones; "Don't Hassle Me" proclaims the generation- gap chorus; "No-o-o! Don't you hassle me/ I'm trying to be young/ I'm trying to be free." 

The title track "Introspection" leans toward a catchy folk rock, while "Cold Winter Sun" allows Manzi to repeat a lick echoing "Than He Kissed Me" before launching into a clearly mismatched power trio vamp. Jade enshrines his Brit-pop-folk-garage rock influences in the imaginative "I Live Tomorrow Yesterday," an upbeat number that sounds like a hit single. "Grand Finale", a five-minute instrumental experiment, closes the LP with a layered mix of effects, backward tracking, and studio dissonance.

The brilliant psychedelic rock 'n' roll of Faine Jade passed through the orange-colored skies of 1968 like a pink and lavender comet, then was gone... Fortunately Jade left behind a wondrous album to detail his amazing, one-way voyage through the night skies. Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital details every deliciously enigmatic, Syd Barrett-inspired twist and turn of the short but sweet career of this mysterious artist. 

Since the hideously rare original LP now requires a mortgage from your bank, Sundazed, with the full cooperation of the artist, presents the perfect Faine Jade package, taken from the absolute master tapes with rare photos and liner notes based on a recent interview with Faine Jade, himself.

This 1994 CD 25th Anniversary Silver Series Edition (this copy is No #28) on Jade's Sandiland label was remastered from the first generation tapes by Faine himself. It also adds a few bonus cuts: backing instrumental demo tracks for a few of the songs, the previously unreleased brief instrumental "Piano Interlude," and a 1993 "reunion" performance. 

1. Tune Up (Non-music Work) - 0:23
2. Doctor Paul Overture - 2:40
3. People Games Play (Faine Jade, Nick Manzi, Bruce Bradt) - 4:11
4. Cold Winter Sun Symphony In D Major - 3:14
5. I Lived Tomorrow Yesterday - 2:34
6. Ballad of the Bad Guys (1956 A.d.) - 4:23
7. Piano Interlude - 1:38
8. Introspection (Faine Jade, Nick Manzi, Bruce Bradt) - 3:36
9. In A Brand New Groove (Faine Jade, Jerry Simon) - 3:07
10.On The Inside There's A Middle - 5:39
11.Don't Hassle Me - 2:47
12.Grand Finale (Don't Hassle Me Part 2) - 5:30
13.Stand Together In The End (Theme From An Imaginary Beatles' ReunionOr Woodstock Reprise) - 4:18
14.Doctor Paul - 3:23
15.People Games Play - 3:40
16.Don't Hassle Me (Instrumental) - 6:00
All songs written by Faine Jade and Nick Manzi except where indicated.

*Faine Jade - 12-String Hagstrum Solid Body Electric, Rhythm Guitar
*Nick Manzi - Guild Starfire Solid Body Electric, Lead Guitar
*Brian Cooke - Piano, Farfisa Organ, Hammond B-3, Keyboards
*Victor Muglia - Fender Electric, Bass Guitar
*Randy Skrha - Drums, Tamborine, Bongos, Percussion
*Bruce Bradt - Keyboards
*Kevin Chase - Electric Guitar

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