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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Charge - Charge (1973 uk, heavy acid psych, great guitar outbursts)

Charge's home-made LP of 1973 is the greatest lunatic heavy-rock private pressing of the 'Progressive' era. Virtually cliched in their stunnigly apt period self tormenting guitar excess and psych-hippie lyricism, Charge have the ultimate 'cool' and  'happening' underground credentials, man.

ccaisonall Hendrix-isms soon fall to the experimental idiosyncrasies that spring only from the genius of the British race (?). Swathes of Pink Floyd-esque - a la Motorhead - non music cut through the epic "Child of Nations" - Fractal psychedelia via "To My Friends", violently twanging Guitars and so forth!

1. Glory Boy - 4:05
2. To My Friends - 5:10
3. Rock My Soul - 3:49
4. Child of Nations - 17:10

*Dave Ellis - Guitar, Vocals
*Ian McLauglin - Bass
*Pete Gibbons - Drums

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Philipp said...

I want to say thank you for all this rarities. So I can listen the Oldies and decide, what I want to buy. Greatful works!

Remy said...

Thanks very much for this, Marios!
AllMusic appears to have the correct band/album.
The musicians they list are as follows.
Ron Carthy - Trumpet
Smiley DeJonnes - Percussion
Steve Gregory - Saxophone
Rosetta Hightower - Vocals
Neil Hubbard - Guitar
Godfrey McLean - Drums
Chris Mercer - Saxophone
Alan Spenner - Bass
Chris Stainton - Organ
Lee VanDer Bilt - Vocals
Michael Woods - Guitar

Marios said...

Hi Remy,
Thank you very much for your support,
I know about this line up,
but as I wrote it has nothing to do with this specific record.

Here is another story, (closer to truth):
My old bass player gave me a bell and told me this story: whilst in Southhampton, and with a couple hours to spend, like you do, he had a nose in a record store. Lo and behold, what does he find? A vinyl LP by a band called 'Charge'! He discovered it was from a batch purchased in Holland and a copy cost him £15 to buy. Ok, pretty insignificant so far except, the band in question, was OUR band and the LP in question was a demo we made at SRT record studios in Luton in 1973!!! The said vinyl was released by a company called Kissing Spell Records in 1993. I checked 'em out on the net and discovered they had released the same album on cd in 2004 and are selling it on Amazon for the princely sum of £12.99!
Being as I wrote all the songs, I was wondering how they've got the right to do that without even bothering to contact me or the bass player (unfortunately Pete, our drummer at the time, died bless him)? That stinks of piracy to me - you know, that well-publicised criminal subject all the record companies have been whinging - and sueing! - people about?
They have stolen my/our stuff, people, and that pisses me off! Back then, we were poverty-stricken and struggling to get our stuff on record.
Now - I know what you're thinking: I should sue them for stealing my stuff, intellectual property and sheeit and claim my millions, er - it was such a good album - probably trillions! But, I'm not going to.
Instead, I've decided to write the company for a full explanation and tell them I want full credits for the band - my band - and some recompense.

That little story is written in
Therapy Room's blog on Myspace.

Remy said...

Hi Marios,

Since I didin't see Rick Grech listed and not yet having heard the album, I thought perhaps it was the right group of musicians.
I just finished listening and all I heard were guitars, bass and drums, so as you are already aware, AllMusic got it wrong.

The story you relate sounds like the truth. While the album is entertaining it certainly sounds like it might have been a demo.

A worthwhile find in any event. Thanks again!

Pep Sonic said...

Thank you very much for this Kissing Spell reference. Fantastic.

Anonymous said...

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see this...
Best Regards From Spain

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adamus67 said...

Hi Marios!
Over 10 years. more or less since then I've focused solely on finding lesser known bands ... remember how patiently waited for the Jawbone ...

This album is One of my earliest musical memories 'lesser known bands'

LP. CHARGE (Fresh Air 6308900) 1974
reissued on CD (Kissing Spell KSCD 9419) 1992.

Personnel incl:
RIC GRECH - violin, gtr, bs
IAN GREEN - keyb'ds
LEE VAN DER BILT - vcls, perc

Here is another of those one-off studio bands who only did a few gigs to promote a hastily put together album, which in turn didn't sell many copies. Still they did feature some well-known musicians:- Alan Spenner and Neil Hubbard were both ex-Joe Cocker's Mad Dogs; Ric Grech was ex-Family; Rosetta Hightower and Ian Green ex-Hightower; Mike Woods was ex-Eclection; Smiley De Jones was ex-Maggie Bell and Godfrey McLean was ex-Hummingbird. All but Grech, Green and McLean appeared on the album and the live line-up varied a little from the musos featured on their recordings.
The album consists of a loud, blistering sonic attack that rarely relents. Half the recording is an extended piece called Child Of Nations.
Spenner and Hubbard went on to Kokomo, Grech joined KGB, McLean joined Gonzales, Woods joined Swallow, Van der Bilt joined Elkie Brooks. Spenner and Hubbard were the first to jump ship being replaced by Andy Dalby who went on to Arthur Brown's Kingdon Come.
We would like to Yours!

Marios said...

Hi my friends,
Thank you for your comments, but as i wrote above these line-ups have nothing to do with this specific album,
these credits are reproductions of the same incorrect publication.

dilyan said...

Thanks so much

copy-to said...

Marios, moved and thanks for warning. I did put this album on the PhrockBlog because of missing this one. Didn`t know there`s already here on Rockasteria. Rock On.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this wild and unknown (to me)album.

costan said...

The link is dead, can you reupload please. Thanx, Costan

Marios said...


Anonymous said...

Charge: - Dave Ellis gtr, vocals
- Ian McLauglin bas
- Pete Gibbons drums

Marios said...

Thank you!

Tommy Duque said...

Thanks as always buddy