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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mogul Thrash - Mogul Thrash (1970 uk, splendid progressive jazz brass rock, korean release)

British jazz-rock super-group Mogul Thrash evolved from James Litherland's Brotherhood, which in addition to guitarist Litherland (an alumnus of Colosseum who formed the group in 1969) also featured guitarist/reedist Michael Rosen, drummer Bill Harrison and the so-called "Dundee Horns" -- saxophonists Roger Ball and Malcolm Duncan.

With the addition of ex-Splinter singer/bassist John Wetton, the group rechristened itself Mogul Thrash, debuting in 1970 with the single "Sleeping in the Kitchen"; their self-titled RCA album appeared the following year, going largely unnoticed at home but finding favor throughout much of Europe.

However, faced with legal problems with their management, Mogul Thrash was forced to disband shortly after the record's release; while Wetton went on to join Family and later King Crimson, Duncan and Ball soon reunited in Average White Band.
by Jason Ankeny

1. Something Sad - 7:36
2. Elegy - 9:36
3. Dreams of Glass and Sand - 5:09
4. Going North, Going West - 12:01
5. St. Peter - 3:39
6. What's This I Hear - 7:13
7. Sleeping in the Kitchen - 2:45
"Sleeping in the Kitchen" was not on album but released as a single.

Mogul Thrash
*James Litherland - Guitar, Vocal
*John Wetton - Bass, Guitar, Vocal
*Bill Harrison - Drums
*Malcolm Duncan - Tenor Saxophone
*Michael Rosen - Trumpet, Mellophone, Guitar
*Roger Ball - Alto, Baritone, Saprano Saxophones
Guest Musician
*Brian Auger - Piano (at St. Peter)

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Jamie (tacobueno) said...

Thanks a lot Marios - sounds very interesting.

MIF said...

A real great album and James Litherland an underestimated guitarist and singer. Many thanks Marios!

Anonymous said...

Thanx Marios-you are the best! So quick answer. I love this album especially for James Litherland's guitar playing. He was not sooo good with Colosseum. If you like this kind of stuff you should try also McLuhan and Probe 10 from USA.

ARGS said...

Πολλά ευχαριστώ Μάριε για την lossless ανάρτηση!!!!

adamus67 said...

I had him in edition(CD-nightmare-sound Voiceprintu UK)
some time ago I got pretty good sound edition Discomforme(+1bonus track)
Previously existed as The Dundee Horns and acted in Scotland.
August 23, 1970 was the last concert of the Brotherhood of Knighton Festival. The name of Mogul Thrash force since September 1970, when the team mingled with Brian Auger. and in the recorded summer of 1970 only one album for Mogul Thrash (RCA SF 8156) production of Brian Auger,but released in January 1971. Progressive rock with, very jazzy atmosphere. Style comparable to the Colosseum, Keef Hartley Band, If. More heavy from Blood Sweat & Tears and Chicago. Brian Auger was playing the piano in the(track nr.5) song St. Peter. It is interesting that the sound engineer Eddie Offord was known then of record groups Yes and ELP. Pete Brown wrote lyrics. Neither the single, nor the album were not on the lists. A lot of concerts in England and Europe, where they were even more popular. In Belgium, SP Sleeping in the Kitchen was a hit. After the collapse of Duncan joined the Ball and The Average White Band, and Wetton went to Family, beginning a fantastic adventure in the British scene of many bands (Mogul Thrash album was his first). Mogul Thrash were not popular in England, attracted more attention in Europe.
The band lasted until June 1971
The disintegration of the band was a consequence of legal disputes between them and the manager, due to poor album sales.
@ Wojtek,miło zobaczyc "ziomala"pozdro z Bydgoszczy.

Thanks Marios,for opportunity the comparison of the Korean edition
@Marios,supposedly rumors are saying..
The new, remastered (apparently much better sounding and extended by 35 minutes) Additionally contains two mono recordings from singles and 5 unpublished, studio tracks (including 2 unreleased planned for the second LP) from the BBC archives...CD FLAMED GAMES (2011)made in Sweeden.

Brain Police said...

Thanks, Marios, I had forgotten all about them!

Laurent said...

Amazing Album!!!. I confirm that the 2011 reissue with 7 Bonus tracks has a fantastic sound,with also nice packaging (so beautiful cover),but unfortunaly unlike Esoteric rec. ( for ex.) ,there's no booklet,so we have more information about the story of the band on this blog (Thanks Marios & Adamus) that on the cd. Ok, you can argue that there are not more information on the original Lp cover,but at least we don't need to get out the magnifying glass to read the name of the musicians,or to admire the breast of Lynn Carey (not the same cover)...
More seriously, in a similar genre i strongly recommend Heaven "Brass Rock 1" (1971) another great gem from UK. It is funny because normaly i don't like the brass,but like the song of a famous French singer says (i don't remember his name)"When the music is gooood,goood,good..."

Anonymous said...

Pozdrawiam Bydgoszcz! Fajnie grali chłopaki z Mogul Thrash :)
Gdyby tak jeszcze dorwac gdzies bezstratne Greatest Show On Earth...

adamus67 said...

Yep! Laurent,
Fully agree about the album Heaven "Brass Rock 1" (1971) Fantastic album!
>thanks for confirming my info<
Yours,to all !
@ Wojtek Woww... fajnie że jesteś!
mój mail

Anonymous said...

Have long been curious about this one due to the Wetton connection, and am quite surprised to find his melodic bass style so fully formed this early in his career. That would only be a footnote were it not for the fact that the entire band is quite proficient and the tunes and arrangements consistently enjoyable. A piece of its time but well worth repeated listens! Thanks as always, Marios, for bringing another worthy listen to light!

Bilek said...

For those who are interested in the 2011 reissue, you can find it in (also posted by Marios!)

Well, although I DL'ed that supposedly (and most probably) better edition before, and I even have the Disconforme edition (albeit in a Russian counterfeit form!) for some time, this one is also interesting to have in lossless format. (one of these days I'll have a chance to compare all these versions :) ) It doesn't cost me anything after all! So thanks for sharing!

keep up the good work!

Valley Naturalist said...

Just found a copy of the Mogul Thrash in a local secondhand shop for £1. Its near mint can anyone tell me its value?


Bilek said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bilek said...

although it highly depends on the format (vinyl/CD) and edition (I don't think foreign bootleg editions are worth much, though many include interesting bonus tracks) I believe it certainly is worth more than £1... I'd grab it in any case.

p.s. since the link I gave before to the Flawed Gems edition is apparently gone, I want to remind that other rips of the same edition is floating all over the web. It includes nice BBC sessions, along with the elsewhere available "Sleeping in the Kitchen" & "St. Peter" singles as bonus tracks. If anyone is interested but can't find, drop me a message and I'll show you the way...
(p.p.s. the deleted message above was mine. I didn't notice I had already told about the Gems edition, and mentioned it as if something new! this is the modified version of the same message)

Marios said...

...Thrash re-move....